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Faceless Fury

October 29, 2014 by LETHALPiiEROGI
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Volvo Give Rampage

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Purchase Order

Get this shit when you spawn!

Have this before 10 min

Early game 10-15 min

Optional (based on farm) (10-15min)

Mid game (Time to run team fights) (20-30min)

Your 30-35 min build should look like so

Countering magic dmg

Countering evasion

My team has down Syndrome (Huge team fight)

I feel pretty Oh so pretty

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 12 13

Time Dilation

3 8 9 10

Time Lock

2 4 5 7


6 11 16


14 15 17 18

Faceless Fury

October 29, 2014

My supports are retards.

Ive been where you are. Your support wants the spotlight. He will auto attack creeps, he wont harass he wont deny and he wont ward. He is cancer and you wont be able to get early game farm with a person like this .

No early game farm means you hit like a tissue mid game. This is bad. Starting out with void, play with a friend. He will be your "babysitter" for the first 10 min of the game. He will zone out the enemy and deny their farm. He will also ward to ensure your safety in the lane.

Make sure you can last hit. I have included quelling blade in the starting purchase order as it grants extra damage against creeps. I use this a lot when the enemy is harassing and denying my farm I need a larger window to be able to last hit before the enemy denies the creep.

In the off chance you pick void in solo Q and someone picks a support like dark seer, you are going to need to find your own farm. This will delay your build by about 5 min but there are ways of recovering.

Stay in lane for the first 4 min and try to convince the support that the late game carry takes farm priority. If he doesn't speak your language and or doesn't answer and or lols at you its time to leave lane. Let him get his solo farm and you are going to go on a solo void mission to get your farm. Go to the jungle and start killing the easy and medium camps. Avoid centaurs. Once you get your midas (which should be by 10 min instead of 5-7) start farming your boots. Once you have treads you have dat attack speed. Start team fighting. You are about level 7 or 8 now and you can be useful especially when paired with a skywrath or a witch doctor.

Build after this point should be following the guide starting from the MoM. I dont suggest building battle furry at this point as you have no time to flash farm.

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