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April 21, 2012 by FacelessVoid
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Faceless Void aka Darkterror aka AutoattackLikeItsYourJob aka YouGottaGetIt

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

2 8 9 10

Time Dilation

4 12 13 14 15

Time Lock

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


17 18


April 21, 2012

getting that GAME

Faceless "Darkterror" "The Real TimeStopper" Void

yo so this is a guide on how to bust it up on my main boy faceless void aka darkterror aka autoattacklikeitsyourjob aka yougottagetit

yo so first of all you gotta take that double lane with a support if you know what im saying because if youre trying to lane by yourself its game over already

yo so check it you gotta tell your support to check out some wards, turn his autoattack off cuz thats just not how we roll and harass the person your laning against and get it going

yo what you gotta do is get that autoattack going and farm those creeps and get those last hits going, because if youre not getting your items within 2 minutes of the time the game is over if you know what im saying

yo so basically if your getting it going you just gotta get that farm so you pick up the teleport scrolls and jump all around the map and if somebodys riding your jock all you gotta do is jump it up into the forest and teleport out haha

yo at the end of the game when you have ALL the items that are required you basically throw that ult up you know what im saying and pop that mask of madness if you feel me and just bust it up in the middle of everything

yo check it but that battlefury is just one of those things that lets you get that farm quick cuz you need the gold to push it

yo but for real when you get at the end of the game all you gotta be like is yo

get ready for the smack down
get ready for the smack down
how ya gonna react
when ya put on ya back now

haha man all you gotta do is get it and the games over and if they start stepping up just tell them to shut that mouth up before you shut it for them

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