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Ezalor The Keeper of the Middle

November 2, 2013 by Ezalor
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Mid Lane pwnage

DotA2 Hero: Keeper of the Light

Hero Skills

Mana Magnifier (Innate)


1 4 5 8

Blinding Light

10 13 14 15

Chakra Magic

2 3 7 9

Spirit Form

6 11 16


12 17 18

1,600 range taking half your HP in one shot.

Nothing else really needs said as far as your argument for taking middle. No one else can out DPS you until maybe L6. Your only true nemesis is going to be Nyx mid and most pubbers don't have a clue.

The classic reprisal for this taking of the middle is generally going to be some nubber claiming you are taking from a carry etc etc etc. Here's the deal. A good keeper can make even the ****tiest team look pro.

Narrow lane, narrow illuminate, less chance of getting ganked. Perfect for Keeper.

Take for instance my Keeper of the Light Account: Match ID: 367431400. The matchup in this game should have gone to the Dire.... it didn't.

Match ID: 367626563 Keeper with Divine Rapier.

First blood or first tower, either works.

Now that you've taken middle lane, I'm going to tell you to be a good support and buy the courier and buy the wards.

What!? You scream! Here's the deal... Keeper has illuminate and after L3, he has illuminate every 6 seconds (minus the 4 second cast time). You can afford to buy the courier, you can afford to buy the wards. Don't complain, Keeper is the highest solo money maker outside of Alchemist.

Try and gauge how your opposition plays and try to time your illuminate to catch him pushing up, it's so great when Keeper gets first blood, it alleviates all the questions about letting you mid.

With the constant 6 second illuminates, you are banking coin and your enemy lane tower should be first to fall.

First tower down, 8 more to go.

By the time the first tower is down, usually 8-10 minutes from start you should have bought your boots of travel. start helping your teammates in problem lanes and start building that mek. (Not for the reason you think either)

Get the lanes pushed up, under control and get the mek built quickly. If your lanes start to stray into team-fighting, back up your teammates of course, but keep in mind, towers win games, not kills.

Nature's Keeper?

Almost, but not quite. Nature's Prophet can tele faster, but you can knock down waves in a single hit.

Time to grab that Shadow Blade and start pushing lanes. Warp into the back of a SAFE creep wave. Ulti... run up and illuminate the next creep wave. Bang! Fall back, wait out the 60 second timer on your boots or start traveling to the opposite lane and Bang! knock the waves down again.

Oh, that Mek you built? Use it on the creeps, Nothing like having a juicy double creep wave, fully healed knocking down Tier 2's

Your coin is going to go through the roof at this point, time for Gandalf to splurge.

Clean up on aisle 7 please...

Rock that ***! I mean Assault Cuirass... tell your team they can focus on DPS items cause you got them covered with the AC. They thank you, you grin and know it was all selfish.

Luxury items: I mean the items you can afford from your pocket change.

Eye of Skadi is perhaps the most awesome piece in the game, not because of the buffs, have you seen the wicked graphic on it!? Sweet!

Divine Rapier, do I really need to explain this? Take for instance a pudge with 20+ piled into his Flesh Heap... yeah the extra dmg is nice because your illuminate is... lacking end game.

Keeper can be a real asset to a team, from Mana Leaks to creep pushing to Blinding Light. you aren't the ultimate bad-*** on your team, but you can make you team absolutely bad-***.

Be gracious to your team, you won't get the most kills, but if you think of them first they will respect you and commend you. My main account to which I play Keeper has more commends than most players have wins, it's not by accident.

Enjoy the guide, tear it apart, critique it to death. It is just a game after all.

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