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EZ Void Best Guide

October 12, 2015 by Emad Zamout
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EZ Void Best Build

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Purchase Order


Quelling Blade
Stout Shield


Poor Man's Shield
Wraith Band
Power Treads
Mask of Madness

mid game

Battle Fury
Moon Shard
Moon Shard


Magic Wand
Monkey King Bar

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 8 9 10

Time Dilation

4 12 13 14

Time Lock

2 3 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

EZ Void Best Guide

Emad Zamout
October 12, 2015



Faceless Void is a hard carry. I love him and I think hes the best hero in Dota if hes played correctly.

First I will highlight some important points
1) don't build Faceless to be durable !!!!!!
2) don't build Faceless to be durable !!!!!!
3) don't build Faceless to be durable !!!!!!
Why do I repeat this point 3 times? because you will never, get the most out of this hero if you build him durable and most likely you will end up failing to carry.

You'r main goal in Void is to inflect as much damage and kill as much as you can before you die; if done correctly, you will be the best player at your game.

Build explained (I don't explain armor here)
Please for god sake, don't buy anything other than what I listed. The only changes you should make in this build, is modify the order. Everything else you buy won't be better.

First start off the game and buy Quelling blade, Stout Shield and Tango. You should Always buy this, regardless of what your up against or how good your at last hitting.
Quelling blade: for last hitting
Stout Shield: your melee, you will be abused allot. this is a must.
Tango, no debate.

Once you the game start, the first thing you should do is, upgrade your Stout Shield to a Poor Man's Shield. Never skip this, it only costs 300 gold and it gives you 6 agility. which means you will get 6 additional damage and 6 attack speed. which is not the best, but very useful for early game.

At this stage, you buy a Magic Wand if and only if you are against someone who is abusing his abilities.

Second, you should make a choice between Power Treads or Wraith band. Both are useful, and you should only consider the order of which to buy first. Buy Power Treads if your farm is going well or if not, get Wraith Band. Wraith Band will only cost 425 and gives you 3 strength, 3 Intelligence, but most importantly 6 agility and 3 damage, The benefit to this is, 6 agility will give 6 attack speed and 6 damage, the 3 damage is added now you have 9 damage. The Power Treads will cost you more, but is important. It gives you 50 movement speed, 25 attack speed and +9 to any attribute (select Agility). If you do the math, then you will have 9 damage, 32 attack speed and 50 movement speed.

Third, buy a mask. DON'T SKIP MASK. This is the biggest mistake I see in void. Mask of Madness should always be bought ASAP it will help you farm and kill. With mask, you can farm without needing to buy healing items, and you can Chrono and kill at early game and will make you harder to kill, since every hit, you will 20% lifesteal.

Now your pretty much into the game, after you buy the above Items, buy a Battle Fury then Deadlus then Moonshard. DONT buy anything else, the only situation you will buy a MKB is if your up against heroes that have extreme evasion such as Phantom Assassin.

You buy a Battle Fury first, for many reasons. Most important are, you will be able to farm MUCH faster and you can inflect more damage to multiple heros in a Chrono. Your ultimate goal should be to kill ALL heros in a Chorno.

The Daedalus the most important item after the Fury. You will get 240% criticle damage 25% of the time.

Now after you have the Fury and Daedalus, buy Moonshards.

DO NOT BUY Butterfly. I will repeat this 100 times. It is a very good item, but not on void at this stage. Here is why, Butterfly will give you 30 agility, 30 damage, 35 evasion and 30 attack speed and 25% movement speed when you activate. if you do the math, the stats you will have are 60 damage, 60 attack speed, and 35 evasion which are good, but still, DON'T BUY IT. here are the reasons why, it costs 5875 gold, which is almost the cost of a moon shard and a hyper stone, and both those give you 175 attack speed which is more useful to void. That attack damage will make you insane! remember, that you have Daedalus, which means, you need to maximize the number of crits you get, in 1 chorno and the faster you hit, the more crits you get, and the with your fury, the more damage you will inflect on others. This way, you can kill all 5 heroes in 1 chorno.

If you bought the moonshard, buy another. if you have no room, sell the early game items such as Poor Man sheild, and buy another. If you don't have anymore room, then consume the moonshard and buy another.

Skill Sequance
When the game start, always get time walk first. It is very important to get at first for the following reasons, you can escape easier AND if it happened and you a hero your up against has low hp, you can always jump onto him.

After you get level 1 of time walk, your ultimate goal is to max time lock first. Yes, MAX TIME LOCK FIRST. the biggest mistakes I see is people skipping time lock. your goal should be to get a kill at level 6 (with chrono). Once you have timelock maxed, aim to max out time walk. This is important, because the further you can jump, will give you better chronos and you will be able to escape and gank if needed easier. Back track should be maxed last.

When you play void, if your in top or bot, you should always always always deny creeps. Attack your own creeps whenever you can, to keep the fight close to your tower and to prevent the people your against from gaining gold and experience. And most importantly, always attack first, when ever you see them, attack. This will keep their hp low, and require them to buy healing items, and will give you a higher chance to get a kill early. With the item build explained above, you will be able to kill early. By maxing time-lock first, this will help you significantly.

At times, their are those that are able to abuse you, the best option is you change lanes, and if that doesn't work out with your team, then try to only last kill and deny creeps until you have your first chrono. The best thing I love about void is time walk. At level 1, if you see your enemy behind his creeps waiting for last hits, don't wait and jump right on him and attack him. most of the cases they run back, just go back to denying and last hitting.

(Try this guide before you comment)

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