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Experimental Build [Octarine Core + Mjollnir]

January 15, 2016 by Spain2001
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Axe too OP please nerf!

DotA2 Hero: Axe

Experimental Build [Octarine Core + Mjollnir]

January 15, 2016


THIS GUIDE IS NOT ABOUT HOW TO PLAY AXE! This guide is here to show you an experimental build to give you a new perspective on Axe. The only things that will be discussed is how to use the experimental items to their fullest advantage. Yes, I do realize that this build is unconventional. Don't just say it sucks it is for the better to improve this build so it will flow through the game more smoothly. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy.


You were probably rubbing your eyes while looking at the build listed on the top of this guide. Yes, I will attempt to explain each mentioned item and give reasons why this works. I think the discussion about this item needs a section to itself.

Octarine Core- You are probably thinking wtf is this sh*t n00b! The thing is other than the rather obvious cooldown reduction Octarine Core also applies spell lifestea.
You are maybe thinking how the heck is this related Axe? Axe only has 1 spells that will make use of the lifesteal. This is where I will inform that even though Axe's ultimate is a form of hp removal it still does lifesteal. But that's not the main point. The possibly game changing thing about this is the fact that the lifesteal applies to Axe's COUNTER HELIX! If you think that isn't game changing enough the lifesteal ALSO applies to BLADEMAIL! Additionally, this also applies to Mjollnir's lighting attack proc and the lighting defense proc when the active is used!

Aside from the spell lifesteal, cooldown reduction, health, and hp regeneration, the other stats given don't seem all too useful for Axe. To maximize this Mjollnir and Blademail's active will see more use as well as aghs which I will be discussing in the next section...

To see the full list of what spell lifesteal applies to look at this link for reference.

Aghanim's Scepter Explanation

Aghanim's Scepter is not notoriously used Axe due to the fact that other than the Ultimate reduction, the extra intelligence and attack speed don't benefit him that much. Scepter reduces Axe's already short cooldown of his ult to 6 SECONDS with cool down reduction not added. That means without even killing you can nuke your opponents with a 300 dmg nuke EVERY 4.5 SECONDS. Plus with your now high mana and regenerations you could spam this thing on creeps with no worries. Your ult has a relatively fast cast time meaning you can use this while juking to restore *75 health.

NOTE: Ult combined with Battle Hunger's movespeed bonus and lifesteal *(100) will make you annoyingly hard to kill especially with Blademail and the Mjollnir active. Added to your shortened cooldowns you can be a tanky Puck who can eventually turn the tables.

*NOTE[Both previously mentioned spell lifesteal calculations before reductions]

Mjollnir and Blademail

Mjollnir is interesting and is not commonly used but is still seen in pubs. The main reason why it is ever bought is it's active. Blademail is a given. The only wasted part of blademail is the damage increase since Axe does not usually right-click. Using the wasted damage and attack speed, your Axe can effectively right click enemies at least holding your own against right click semi-carries or low health carries. AND as mentioned before the Blademail dmg. AND Lighting procs attack/get hit BOTH trigger spell lifesteal. This allows you to 5 man taunt AND survive with near full health.


Help improve with constructive criticism.
Things coming up:
Transition items
Starting items

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