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Exort/Wex build to the Assassin Invoker

August 4, 2012 by TinySmahed
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DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Hero Skills


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Exort/Wex build to the Assassin Invoker

August 4, 2012


Hey guys, welcome to my very first guide which is about Invoker. First of all, English is not my native language so just forgive if I have mistakes. This Invoker guide is also for the Assassin/Carry Invoker(I prefer "Assassin" instead of "killer"), so if you want other roles, get outha here!

Introduction to Invoker

Invoker is a versatile hero. He can be a carry,ganker,initiator,support and a pusher. He is the most unique and is also the most complicated hero in the entire game, making him the hardest hero to master. He is very squishy until he get his items. I recommend this hero to intermediate to advance players because, as I said, he is tough to master but if you're playing very well with this hero, it is worth the price. Let's talk about how Invoker is complicated. The reasons are:
1. He has Modified stats
2. He has no ultimate (Invoke is not an ultimate for me)
3. He needs his "stats" or "orbs" to cast a spell
4. He has a whopping 10 spells
5. Lastly, he gets his last spell invoke at unusual levels and can be upgraded 3 times.

Early game

In the early stages of the games most(if not all) Invoker players go into the mid lane. As a ganker/carry Invoker, the mid lane is the most preferable because of the 2 simple reasons. First, you need farm. The second reason is as a ganker, you need the runes to make ganking easier. If you see an enemy having at least 75% life or below, gank him/her if you want to. So all you have to do mostly in the early game is to farm. SHOW NO MERCY TO THE CREEPS!!!

Mid game

Here in the mid game is where you should gank and gank and gank. In this stage you should have at least 1 core item. Use the skill combos(which will be talked about later). Try to push and keep your enemies unfarmed.

Late game

In the late game,your skills will deal as much damage as before so this stage tough (for me).
If in this stage you have the overall build, congrats you are nearly unstoppable. Be cautious tough because the whole enemy team may ******** you which is hard for your team if you are doing pretty good.


Early Game (levels 1-7)
Cold Snap, Alacrity
Mid Game (levels 8-14)
Chaos Meteor, Deafening Blast
Late Game (levels 15-22)
Tornado, EMP

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