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Exort (Quas) Invoker.

April 29, 2012 by metalblaster
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DotA2 Hero: Invoker

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Intro: Brief intro to Invoker

Invoker is one of the most versitile heroes in the game, but also one of the most complicated ones as well. The reason for this is due to how he works. Invoker has 3 orbs that are used to invoke a spell, then he can cast that spell as long as it is invoked, and until he invokes another spell over top of it. When his ulti hits level 2 he can invoke 2 spells, effectively allowing you to "preload" 2 abilities at once.

Overall, invoker has 10 abilities at his disposal, however due to the nature of the hero, It wont be until late game that you will be able to use them all (and even then some of them will be weaker then others.) The reason for this is due to the fact that you must focus on stating up 2 orbs in the beginning and the 3rd later.

There are generally 2 major skill types of invoker, Quas/wex invoker, which focuses on EMP/tornado and cold snape combinationsn to support and do primary damage (based on item build), and Exort/Quas, which uses sun strike, forge spirits, and coldsnap as its core and the damage from having 3 exort orbs on at all times while attacking.

In this guide we will look at the exort/quas invoker build.



- highly Versitile
- semi-carry with support and carry spells
- natural life regen from quas
- lots of attack damage from exort
- mobility from wex
- great ganking
- good escape mechanism


-hard to learn at first
-hard to master
-10 spells to get used to using
-combinations to memorize
-decently level dependent

Issue with supplying a real item build

Invoker is not like most champs in that he can use practically all items to good effect. After getting the drum of endurance and The scepter for 1 sec quick invokes and mobility. You can get almost any item to follow up based on what kind of team you are facing. Say they have a lot of magic and CC, BKB and Hood into Pipe of insight. Lots of physical damage, AC into blademail into vanguard.

If I'm ahead I will typically get a sheep-stick (for more cc and mana regen) and because of the effects of quas, I will stay away from HP Regen items. After the sheep stick I will try to build into whatever the game calls for. Say I want more sustain in fights, some times ill get a vlads.

The item build is up for grabs, but the core should be decently solid. You can choose to skip the drum and go for a force staff right away if you feel that you need that kind of escape and chase.

Skill build

I'm sure you've noticed if you have played invoker that you can not get stat points, the reason for this being that each orb acts like one of the stats quas being str, wex being Agi and exort being int. Though this is not exactly how they work it is a rough idea of what each will give you. Quas gives you +2 str and +1 hp regen per each level and each orb, so 3 orbs at level one will give you 6 str and 3 hp regen. This is why you tend to start with stat items rather then regen in the lane.

Wex gives 2% attack speed, 1% move speed and 2 agi per instance. This is good for chasing, however we wont be getting much of this one until later.

Exort gives you +3 bonus damage and 2 int per instance. The damage and extra intelligence is one of the primary reasons we focus on exort and keep 3 instances of it around us while engaging people.

The general idea is that you want to take about 3 levels in each quas and exort before taking a level in wex. you also want to get Invoke when ever it is available to you at levels 2/7/12/17.

How we use these skills in the game

I'm sure all of you realize that the invoker invokes spells. Heh..

In this build I will show you the ones that we will focus on primarily. In the early game you want to focus on Cold snap (q/q/q), sunstrike (e/e/e), forge spirits (e/e/q), and ice wall (q/q/e). Cold snap and forge spirits is a good gank combo in the early game with sunstrike to finish the fleeing enemys off. Because of the high damage of your auto-attacks due to having a lot of exort, one good cold snap -> forge spirits will basically kill an enemy. (remember, you must deal damage to the cold snapped enemy for the stun to work.) With that in mind, you want to be well with in auto-attack range when you cast Cold snap or have allies close at hand.

As the game progresses into the mid game, you will start to unlock the other 6 abilities, but only a few of these will be of any use until late late game. Deafening Blast (q/w/e) is a favorite of mine because the stun and damage it does are based on the level of Q and E and not on W. This skill should be used in team fights to knock enemies into your allies or to escape. You will also be able to use Chaos Meteor with only one wex level because it has a high amount of damage based on your Exort level and its range is based on wex (even at level one wex the range is decent).

Keep in mind that you always want to be changing your skills around every time you can invoke a new spell due to the long cd on each, but after invoking a spell you want to be able to switch back to full Exort orbs or full quas orbs depending on the situation. (exort for attacking, quas for regen.)

Once you get 4 levels in invoke and your scepter, your invoke will be almost instant so you will be able to chuck all 6 spells in succession. The other spells to make a note of are Toranado, EMP, alacrity and Ghost walk. The only real one you want to be using is ghost walk and then only for escape. Tornado is just in case you really need that short CC and EMP if they are high mana spell casters.

Late game, or level 25.

At level 25 you will have all the spells at your disposal but none of them will do enough damage to be all that useful for killing people. You will mainly use them for utility purposes. If i find that the game is going this long, that's when I will start to build items like Desolator and other attack damage items like Butterfly and manta.

Anyhow, this guide is just a rough overview that should give you some ideas of how to play this very unique hero.

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