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E's Fragical Phoenix Build

April 5, 2014 by Mister-E
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Any lane

DotA2 Hero: Phoenix

Hero Skills

Icarus Dive

2 4 7 9

Fire Spirits

1 3 5 8

Sun Ray

10 11 12 13


6 16


14 15 17 18

E's Fragical Phoenix Build

April 5, 2014


Let me start off by saying, nobody actually reads every word of a guide for a game like dota, I'm just going to outline Phoenix play, the item and skill build, strengths and weaknesses.

First of all Phoenix is a support for ganking and teamfights, in some cases, your team with phoenix healing and support will do a never ending push on the enemy towers right up into their base... at 12 mins to 24 mins and end the game. You need to buy wards if nobody buys and courier if nobody runs off for no apparent reason with all money spent at the start of the game, I know you want your items sooner, but your team dying will get the enemy team their full set of swag way earlier with those early 4 kills under their belt.

Item Explanation

Early game healing, all done by tranquil boots and urn provides heals to your and teammates.

Hand of midas only looks like a terrible idea, but with it, you have farm past when all the T1 towers are knocked down, and you should be able to afford to get a utility item like heavens halbred along with a 37 minute Heart.

-more elaboration in fight tactics section on these item uses

Skills explanation

-icarus dive 15% ur health, 280 dmg total at max lvl, land and you slow enemies
-flame spirits 15% of your health, 300 dmg at max lvl, land some hits, they have no attack speed

-sun ray at max duration drains 36% of your health and at level 4, 180 damage + 4% of their max hp as damage so damages 24% of their hp + 180 damage

* sun ray is only valuable when your ultimate simply isn't doing much other than a stun, this is why you wait until mid game to start putting points into it

-supernova, only works well if your setup, Dive and Spirits land correctly

Fighting/Smashing the Opponent

Phoenix has four moves at the start for wrecking people,

deny farm, quite useful, this is why you get flame spirits lvl2 fast, cast flame spirits, don't hit creeps, hit the enemy heroes, their attack speed goes to... zero early game, not kidding, they can't adjust to the new timing, and your laning partner runs around last hitting their creeps for 16 seconds while you, count to 4 and throw out another flame spirit, then count to 4 again, flame spirit, this helps you with the aiming of flame spirits also.

Icarus Dive, naked, not the greatest thing, does some damage, slows people down, generally don't use unless it can secure you a kill, or help you buy items from sideshop/secret shop

Icarus Dive + Flame spirits, dive on them, hit with flame spirits on swoop, ****ton of damage at lvl 2 for both, especially early game, do this 2-3 times early game vs heroes with no healing they will start to run out of heals, which sets up for the 4th type of attack

Flame Spirits + icarus dive --> Supernova This absolutely messes people up, you cut off using flame spirits at lvl 5, so you have 300 mana at level 6, cast flame spirits, if you think you can hit them at max range do it, swoop, flame spirit, supernova, they can't attack, they're slowed, if they were at 60% or 50% hp when you started, they're dead or close to nothing when you've just refreshed your mana, dive and flame spirits, hit them again with a swoop and flame spirits.


at level 6-16 the most important thing you can do is slow the enemy's attack speed, you pretty much counter void if you get your positioning right for his chrono, stay behind your tanks and gankers and don't take a dangerous route. Your basic tactic is going to be flame spirits, dive, supernova, flame spirits... if things didn't work out dive, retreat. That's all.

At level 17, you'll see supernova just not matter all that much, which is why you've been leveling up sun ray, instead of dive flame spirit, in teamfights, you will now be hanging back, and if anyone tries to enguage a teamfight, you will be doing, sun ray, flame spirits, simultaneously. Then supernova will be to refresh both skills, and you will do, sun ray, flame spirits.


Alright, tried to be as brief as possible, the biggest key to phoenix is getting good position and having the flame spirits actually land, happy hunting.

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