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Enter Desoweaver!

December 4, 2012 by L0rd L33t
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Weave Away Their Armor!

DotA2 Hero: Weaver

Hero Skills

Geminate Attack (Innate)

The Swarm

10 12 13 14


2 4 7 9

Time Lapse

6 11 16


15 17 18

Intro to Desoweaver

Items are highlighted in yellow
Abilities are highlighted in blue

Now before you go "OMGWTFBBQ DESO NO WORK WITH GEMINATE N00B!", it is a little known fact that Desolator does in fact work with Germinate in DotA 2 as opposed to DotA. You see, the initial attack applies the debuff and the Germinate still procs, but with a plain attack. The raw damage and the anti armor provides amazing synergy with Germinate Attack especially when applied with The Swarm and Medallion of Courage! The icing on the cake is that you can still be in the game with the two Mythril Hammers it requires instead of being useless banking 3800 for a Relic in for the oft gotten Radiance. Why do a measly 30 DoT (with magic resistance factored in) when you can punch huge holes in their health even earlier with a devastating anti armor attack? Please note this set should be used in mid lane as doing a duo lane will hinder your ganking development.

Pros and Cons to Weaver


Very Slippery (hard to catch)
Over the Roof
Great Ganker
Great Chaser (including tower diving)
Great Last Hitter
Great Harasser
Many pubs will ignore you in team fights even if you have a 15/5 k/d.


Paper Hp
HATES stuns and silences more than anyone else (except channelers)
Crumples Under Pressure if focused in teamfights
Tends to give you this surviver mentality and people might whine about you ditching them for yourself
Not an adequate pusher until you get Desolator or Radiance

The Skill Build

Basically max out Germinate or Shukuchi first depending on preference. I usually max out Germinate for the sake of last hitting. Get Time Lapse whenever you can! Even though The Swarm is good for this item set, save this for later as the other abilities are even more important.

Item Build

Starting Items

Start off with a set of Tangos, a Salve and a Clarity for generic healing purposes. Get 2 Slippers of Agility to improve last hitting. Buy an Iron Branch as filler.

Early Items

Buy your boots of speed first then upgrade the Slippers to Wraith Bands for some good overall utility. I would recommend to use the courier after buying all three of these items instead of individually to allow others to use the courier.

Early Mid Items

Buy your Medallion of courage and you are ready to gank! This MoC is a much better alternative than Aquilias as it provides similar mana regen and the anti armor stacks with The Swarm and your future Desolator. While you gank, upgrade your Boots of Speed to Phase Boots. The Phase Boots in my opinion is superior to Treads on Weaver. Weaver would prefer raw damage over attack speed any day. Plus the duration and cooldown of Phase Walk fits perfectly with tier 4 Shukuchi!

The Core Item

This is the item that makes the set! Buy and receive the Mytril Hammers whenever you can. Stay ahead of the game! Note you will have to sell your precious Iron Branch for the second Mythril Hammer. Boo Hoo. Once Desolator is complete you can tear the pubs apart! Shukuchi to an un-expecting foe cast The Swarm while invisible (or after it wears out if your a tad slow) activate your Medallion then WHAM the sucker with your stupid damaging attacks. You can also do this in a team fight. In a team fight instead of ganking some dumb alone fragile guy, aim for the tank and watch him crumble like cornbread! Not to mention the Desolator will allow you to MASSACRE creeps much faster than radiance, it also softens the enemy buildings giving you some pushing power.


Ok. Its actually really easy to finish this set. Other than the Desolater, the others are dirt cheap. So here after the Desolator, you can be creative and adaptable to the situation.

Green headings means good extensions
Orange headings mean meh extensions

Vanguard/Vitality Booster

Problems with nukes? Buy this. If you don't want to go the whole mile with the regen and slight blocking, just get a Vitality Booster.

Monkey King Bar/Daedalus

Choose whatever you prefer. Ministuns or crits? Either or, please note the Germinate attack cannot crit or ministun. The massive raw damage is nice and it's plenty ok if the Germinate can't do these procs.

Linken's Sphere

Tired of getting stunned? Or wasting Time Lapse by using it out of reflex when hit by Furion's ult? Than this is the extension for you!

Orchid Malevolence

I don't get this as nearly as often as the above, but want to f*** those ambushed fragile casters even MORE? Get this then. Plus Weaver will never have mana issuse after this (not that he usually does)


While i would label this as green, radiance loses usefulness late game and for damage, and MKB or Daedalus are usually better options. Though Radiance would be a nasty suprise for an opposing Brood Mother!


This can be good on Weaver, but it's sub optimal compared to the above. It expends a large sum of dosh on attack speed (but attack speed isn't forbidden on Weaver) and it lacks any cool effects except evasion which Weaver doesn't need very much.

Black King Bar

While magic immunity is awesome on anyone, usually Linken's Sphere is better off on Weaver. The strength gain is somewhat wasted on Weaver as he does not gain attack with strength. Plus Linken's Sphere has nice regen. If you prefer to be the center of attention in a team fight than get this then.

Easy Prey and Hellish Adversaries

Now that you're excited to try this Desoweaver out (right?) you should learn what he shreds and what makes him shriek.

Easy Prey!


You should be OBLIGATED to lane mid against this poor starved fat***. You can easily harass him whenever he wants to last hit. When ever he hooks you just use Time Lapse (or Shukuchi away if you're below level 6). Simply hug the creeps to reduce the chance of being hooked and hit fatty whenever he wants to eat a creep. Not to mention later in game, your anti armor renders his fat health pool moot.


Weaver is pretty much the best hero against Naix. Shukuchi simply ignores his slow and you can kite Naix till he feels like returning to his not-so-cozy jail cell. Plus Weaver's low health pool won't benefit Naix very much if he somehow does catch up to you. Weaver also doesn't give a damn about magic immunity.

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor is one of those glassy generic supports that you should be preying on early game. Other than cask, he cannot do much to stop you, can't escape you (unless hes tower hugging, but even then you can tower dive with Time Lapse). When he activates his Death Ward in a team fight, make his carcass beetle food within only a few hits or waste it with Shukuchi.


Mana burn does not impact you very much as Shukuchi is dirt cheap, and you can chase that blinker down with Shukuchi. Bypass his Spell Shield with your auto attacks and make him apologize for bullying your Invoker buddy.

Phantom Assassin

*Yawn* Another auto attacking melee. Bypass her slows with Shukuchi and keep kiting her. She has a better chance catching up to you with her pseudo-blink however.

Hellish Adversaries


DO NOT LET HER EXTREME GLASSINESS FOOL YOU! This b**** will nuke you to kingdom come.


Not as nearly as bad as Luna, if you get to him hes toast. However his ultimate is an EXTREME headache for poor Weaver here.


This stone-in-the-mud will make your life of weaving miserable. He will AOE stun you and instagib you. Once he gets blink dagger, not even Shukuchi will save you.


Sure you can easily kill him too, but he has 2 things Weaver despises. Permastun abilities and a mega-nuke. You can piss lion off with Time Lapse though.

Now Get Out There!

Well this IS my first submitted guide. This set works extremely well on me and i expect it to work well for you too! Feel free to give input.

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