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Enchantress Jungling Guide [Revvy]

January 31, 2014 by xRevVy
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Enchantress Jungling Build [Revvy]

DotA2 Hero: Enchantress

Hero Skills


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Nature's Attendants

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Enchantress Jungling Guide [Revvy]

January 31, 2014

Early Game

In early game, Enchantress must try to take on the easy jungle camps (located on the bottom-right for Radiant and top-left for Dire). You can easily notice how hard the camps are judging by their size and health. You should always enchant the creature with the highest health. You quickly do this at which you assign your character attack AND the monster attack on a single target. You quickly kill out a camp if you do it like that.

In early game Enchantress must surely not take on the medium nor hard camps. She is too squishy for that and doing this is extremely risky and will cause you to die a lot.

Enchantress' goal is to get to level 6 ASAP so she can level up her Impetus, which is an essential skill in PvP for her.

If you focus on the jungle as Enchantress, she cannot go in-lane too early, because she is too squishy for it and cannot damage enemies sufficiently.


In mid-game, Enchantress may take on medium/hard jungle camps if she is sure she can takes them on. Be aware of the fact that some monsters are not affected by your Enchant ability. With those monsters, you should take another camp, enchant a monster or two, and then take on these monsters. The monsters that are not affected by Enchant are called 'Magic Immune'.

If you have your Impetus ability, you can shunt from the jungle to bot lane (for Radiant) or top lane (for Dire). If there is a lot of resistance on for instance top lane, and you are on the Radiant side, you may also choose to take the other jungle so you can shunt to the lane where heavy resistance is at.

You can right-click your Impetus ability to make it autocast, meaning that whenever you execute a basic attack, it will be Impetus. This makes it fairly handy for you to be semi-carry whenever you are needed.

If you have a large mana pool and must engage in PvP combat, make sure you set Impetus at autocast. It deals a pack of a punch, just don't forget to turn the autocast off again, or you will drain your mana very quickly.

Late Game

In late game, Enchantress should be buffed by the monsters she has killed. The things an Enchantress should to in the late game really depends on play style and if you're currently losing or winning.

Basically, the following goes if you are defending a lose:
- Assist your team by shunting in-lane. An Enchantress Impetus can be the difference between an enemy escaping and a secured kill.
- Use your Attendants if you come across badly hurt allies. The longer they can stay in-lane, the more your team can resist and maybe even perhaps pull off a push.
- Even when you're defending from a lose, you are not a carry. You should keep your role as utility and let the carry carry. I know this is hard from personal experience, but you need to keep helping different lanes, or your team will likely lose.

And if you're securing the win, this might help you for doing so:
- Enchantress is not a good pusher at towers, but she can draw back enemies while the pusher pushes the tower.
- If your team has destroyed tier II towers, and are now pushing tier III towers, you should be located between the mid-lane and lane your team is pushing. You could also help pushing by drawing back their enemies. This is again, like I said, preference.

Pros / Cons

- Is strong in early to mid game, especially on level 6 when she has Impetus.
- Has a very good jungling ability.
- Has an autocast that slows and deals damage.

- Lacks the ability to push a tower effectively.
- Due to her pretty low base HP and her jungling, she has the tendency to get ganked quite easily.
- Does not deal enough damage to kill a medium/high health target on her own, even with Impetus, she can be killed easily.

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