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enchantress guide 7.06

July 14, 2017 by terriblemann
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enchantress 4 pos

DotA2 Hero: Enchantress

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Hero Skills


2 8 9 11


1 3 5 7

Nature's Attendants

4 13 14 16


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+25 Nature's Attendants Heal
+8% Impetus Damage
Enchant Affects Ancients
+100 Untouchable Slow
+50 Damage
+8 Nature's Attendants Wisps
+15% Magic Resistance
+25 Movement Speed


Hello this is my second guide on dota fire and I'm hoping this can help people who are new to enchantress but also teach some new things to people who already have a good idea of how to play the hero. this isn't an offlane guide for the hero its more of a jungle and roam kind of build that starts off utilizing creeps to fight early and then turning into a right click glass cannon kind of hero. the organization of this guide might be a little unclear but please bear with me. in short enchantress has a passive that makes it hard to right click her in the mid game(her biggest form of survivability)a slow and creep control spell, a heal for her and her team, lastly a damage buff on right clicks that turns it into pure damage and more damage the further away the target is from her.

Early game (1- 15 min)

During the early game you have 2 things you need to focus on the most helping out the other lanes so your not being a worthless jungler and amassing farm so your relevant in the mid to late game. you can have a huge impact during the laning phase if played correctly and there's a couple ways you can go about this.
If you have a midlaner who has a good slow, stun, or a good nuke you can play in the enemies jungle and get a couple creeps to go gank the mid lane. the way to go about this is to go to a large camp take the big creep kill the rest of creeps in the camp quickly back out before they respawn and take the second one if its a good one. there are certain creeps that are really good for ganking and others that aren't so good( next chapter will be the rating system) if you can get 2 creeps that are pretty good you can go kill a lane ( large camp creeps early on are very strong and can secure kills fairly well) something that is very important is to use the spells of the creeps you take if you do not use the spells you are weakening your impact by over 60 percent early on
Sometimes you wont be able to gank the midlaner or you wont be able to play in the enemies jungle because its too dangerous this is ok you can always go to your jungle and try to gank the safe lane I don't prefer to do this as I like to snowball my mid and try to make them have the bigger impact but sometimes its not possible.
Another option that is pretty good is to play in the enemies jungle and go in between farming and ganking the offlane a lot of times the enemy safe lane will push the wave in so it can be very easy to sneak up behind them and get some kills
overall you want to farm jugnle creeps and try to gank lanes you can easily be apart of 10 kills before the 15 mark with this hero and you can play a lot more risky because of your creeps too its easier to tower dive since creeps can tank some tower shots.

Creep ratings

This is how I rate the creeps and how well they can do ( mostly early game)
#1 satyr tormenter( the big purple one that's with the 2 smaller ones) the reason this is number one is because it has a 160 aoe nuke with an 8 sec cd travel distance of 1200 and 700 cast range and 400 mana. if you cast this on someone early game their health will drop by a fraction and I would say this is the best creep early on to gank with.(and gives you health regen)
#2 Hellbear smasher(big red one next to smaller yellow one) this is very good in combo with other crepps as it has an aoe slow(300 radius kinda bad but not hard to land) 25 percent slow on move and 25 attack speed slow for 3 seconds(very good early on) its 150 damage with a 12 sec cd, also gives you and allies an attack speed bonus
#3 The dark troll summoner takes 3rd but just barely the only edge this creep has over centaur, is a ranged root(550 cast range) and the push power since you can summon 2 skeletons to fight for you, if your ganking with this one make sure you and the gank partner has the damage.
#3.5 Centaur conqueror This creep does virtually no damage besides right clicks but it has a 2 second stun( can be kind of tricky to land as its radius is 250)also it only has 200 mana so you can only cast this twice and on a 20 sec cd
# 3.5 Mud golem creep this creep is actually probably better than the 2 above this one for ganking but worse for farming jungle as it has lower health even though this is a medium camp creep it has a 125 damage nuke with a 0.6 sec stun and 30 sec cd but cost no mana cast range of 800.
(special mention) wildwing camp is very good for farming thx to the tornado ability if you happen to get this one early on I would try to stack a camp or 2 fairly quickly and use the ability to farm.
Other creeps are purely situational or just useful for auras,early on I would focus on getting these ones as I find them to be the best for killing.

items and skill builds

I'm not going to focus too much on this as I feel it is self explanatory, Midas is to compensate for farm since your playing a 4 pos jungler roam kind of hero, treads is for attack speed and quick strength or mana, hurricane pike to combo with your ult, aghs because it makes your ultimate so much better, after that it can be situational blood stone can be pretty good if your snowballing shivas can be good if you need armor and to slow enemies even more, hex can be good for disable same with bloodthorne. I would just experiment around after the core items and see what fits your style the best. generally I try to have rax taken before I get to that point.
Skill build wise I usually like to max enchant first for the slow and creeps and then after that I max untouchable if they have a lot of right click or my heal if they have a lot of nukes.

Mid game decision making

So now your in the mid game hopefully you have snowballed either yourself or your team out of control and can push and take map control if this is the case you just want to push towers and try to get some gold, for hurricane pike(this item is your highest damage output) at this point I would focus less on getting creeps and more on being around your cores and making moves whether its pushing towers or taking rosh
this hero is very good in mid game because your ult has the potential to do so much damage and you can be quite tanky because of your passive and heal. mana can be quite an issue tho because your ultimate takes so much mana after a while. enchantress is very strong in the mid game because late game your hero impact can fall off quite drastically so try to communicate with your team to make moves in you already have the advantage. you cant mess around because the enemies could make a good comeback if they get farmed enough.
The second scenario is they have the advantage or its basically even. every game is different so there is a number of options of how you can regain the lead sometimes a really good smoke gank is the answer or if the enemy is really cocky and trying to push hg in the mid game you can take advantage of this. Enchatress is really good at def hg so don't feel forced to make moves out of your base if your behind.
overall in any situations during a fight you want to stay in the back even though you can be quite tanky you don't want to get focused too much a dream scenario is having someone doing all the cc while you just sit in the back dishing out all the damage.

Late game

late game your tankiness is pretty much gone and your just a glass cannon kind of hero this isn't always bad because your still deal tons of damage you just have to position yourself to where you don't get focused too easily enemies with silver edge can destroy you so you gotta be careful about that enemies with blademail can destroy you as well if your not careful. The late game is a big game of cat and mouse as you need to know how to kite them out and kite out their spells and items that can beat you, in the early game to mid game you can almost solo carry your team in fights and such but in late game that isn't the case so you need to be aware and communicating with your team by the time I get to late game I like to have a big enough advantage that makes it hard to lose but if you don't then you just have to play careful and play to your win condition.

Counters and combos

Combo wise mid game carries and fast pushers are your friends troll warlord, bloodseeker, drow ranger, shadow fiend. You also want cc on your team Ember spirit, spirit breaker, faceless void, axe, sven, tide hunter, in general you want heroes who your enemies cant ignore that way they focus you less.

Counter wise nukes are really strong against you storm spirit is very good because he nukes and closes the gap against you, spirit breaker, tinker, queen of pain, visage, lina. other than nukers glass cannon can be pretty good as well mostly in the later phases of the game phantom assassin, clinkz, slark, troll and plenty of others.


Overall this hero has a lot of focus on the early game if your playing the roaming role you have the potential to turn into a semi carry which is why I think its one of the best 4 pos right now. it is very important to use your creeps spells early on and try to snowball your team out of control if you haven't already I would look up AUI2000 enchantress on youtube to get extra insight on how to play roam enchantress better as he will give you a good idea of what to do early on if you have any questions leave a comment and ill get back to you

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