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Ember Spirit Magic Guide

March 26, 2019 by Seiqa
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Burning Enemy to Death

DotA2 Hero: Ember Spirit

Hero Skills

Searing Chains

2 4 9 10

Sleight of Fist

5 11 13 16

Flame Guard

1 3 7 8

Fire Remnant

6 12 18


14 15

Hero Talents

-12s Remnant Charge Restore Time
2 Sleight of Fist Charges
+65 Sleight of Fist Hero Damage
+1 Searing Chains Targets
+1s Searing Chains Duration
+50 Flame Guard DPS
+200 Flame Guard Absorption
+15 Damage

Ember Spirit Magic Guide

March 26, 2019


The idea is to snowball throughout the early game. Flame guard+ talent does 120 dps, in addition to the radiance, going 180dps. The dagon build is simply made to monopolize the magical burst searing chain,3 remnants ethereal combo.

As on the late game, it is crucial to completely destroy an enemy hero as quickly as possible. In this situation.. The dagon might prove to be more effective.


If enemy has hard disables, i suggest going bkb instead of euls.

Euls help set up a gank/ save your *** from.silences which prove to be harmful


My name is Seiqa,Right now im sitting somewhere on the 5.2k mmr and ive probably played over 3900 games with Ember spirit. Ive stayed stable on the 69-70% wr and ive believed that ember spirit is a very fun and addictive hero to play.
On the scale of 1-10 in terms of difficulty i believe that ember spirit is somewhere around 7.
A rather unusual and unique playstyle makes playing ember spirit fairly difficult for players below the 2k bracket

Difficulty= 7/10
Difficulty to master= 9/10


If you want other guides, feel free to email me on [email protected]

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