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Ember Spirit is a teamkiller

November 20, 2013 by Demoncrawler
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Skadi asap

DotA2 Hero: Ember Spirit

Hero Skills

Searing Chains

2 4 5 13

Sleight of Fist

8 9 10 11

Flame Guard

1 3 7 12

Fire Remnant

6 14 15


16 17 18

Ember Spirit is a teamkiller

November 20, 2013



I wanted to post my itembuild, if you wanna complain about it you should try it first or shut up. I start with a stout shield tangos and wards/ring of protection/slippers. Then I buy a bottle or ring of basilius, then phase boots. Then I buy an orb of venom and make a skadi as first big item. You won't deal much dmg but in any teamfight if you stay behind you can slow the whole team for 5 secs. Always placing a fire remnant like 2 screens across some cliffs and try to stay above 150 mana so I can escape very very often. Remember to replace your escape remnant every 35 secs. I'm skilling searing flames and flame guard first till both are level 3 at level 6 skill your ulti. Then I skip the ulti and skill sleight of fist to level 4. Reason for that is that the ulti doesn't deal that much dmg and in the early game you don't have enough mana for using all your spells that often anyways and ulti needs really much.

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