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Elder Titan/ Team Clasher

May 16, 2013 by MOJO
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Just a build

DotA2 Hero: Elder Titan

Hero Skills

Echo Stomp

2 4 5 9

Astral Spirit

1 3 7 8

Natural Order

10 12 13 14

Earth Splitter

6 11 16


15 17 18

Elder Titan/ Team Clasher

May 16, 2013

Introduction Pro/Con

Welcome to my Elder Titan Guide. This guy is a bad-***, annoying at times and in a team-fight, he's a real ***** if you can get all your skill off nicely.


Range nuking spell

Significant in team-fight

Ultimate pulls all units in the path together(nice for follow up)

If all skills are pulled-off nicely, the enemy team will be wreck


Despite being a melee, He's A VERY WEAK at close range combat until he got items

All his skills have to be connected to be able to pull off all the combo

2 of his skills has delayed, need very goo set up an positioning for your skills to work

Natural Order has a range of 275, which is ****, meaning you'll have to be in the midst of battle, basically very close to the enemy in order for the skill to have effect

Very mana dependent

Skill Build

Skill build is very basic, put points into&alternatively. The key point here is you'll want 3 points inby level 5. This is because at level 5 Echo Stomp will have a sleep duration of 4 seconds while your ultimate,has a delay of 3.4 seconds if including your animation casting time, it will be about 4 seconds. For this reason you'll need 3 points in echo stomps to ensure that your ultimate will HIT!!. This is very important for early game.

Item Builds

Arcane Boots
Now lets do some Maths.
Echo Stomps + Ancestral Spirit = 255 Mana
Echo Stomps + Ancestral Spirit + Earth Splitter = 425 Mana
Now if your team-fight can be ended in 1 spell that is good, but from my experienced, I find myself using mana more than 425 because of prolonged team-fight.

AlternativelyPower Tread
This can also be gotten if you feel like Arcane boot is a waste, more HP + Aspd is always good. It's up to player's preference
After trying out many items, necronomicon seems to be the best item for him in my opinion in terms of utility and state-wise. Elder titian has one of the worst state growth in the game, but he need a lot of HP & Mana to be effective, there fore this items suits him best. Speed aura benefits him greatly and true-sight can be used to scout out wards and invis heroes.
Assault Cuirass
Increase his durability by 15 armor & the - armor aura has great synergy with Natural Order. Enemies will almost always has a minus armor.
Refresher Orbs
I almost never get to this point in game, but easily be over on any heroes with big AOE (Magnus, TIdehunter, Enigma, Warlock) and definitely Elder Titan. You can get refresher orb instead of Assault Cuirass if you think you think it'll benefits the team more if you can pull double ultimate off.

I'll added the gameplay sections later and maybe a replay, now I'm a little lazy

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