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Easymode Invoker carry

April 21, 2012 by Sryzon
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Build 1
Build 2

Cold snap + Forge Spirit

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

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Easymode Invoker carry

April 21, 2012


This is not a guide for Invoker. This is a guide for playing Invoker as a pure Quas/Exort carry. Invoker can be played many different ways, but this is my preferred method. It is simple, so you won't find yourself making many errors, but it's also very powerful. Enjoy.


This is my first guide so don't expect it to be too in depth. This is how I personally enjoy playing Invoker. I noticed that many people find this build unusual so I decided to create a guide for it. It's based upon Invoker's Forge Spirits that are awesome on their own, but become DPS machines when you build an Assault Cuirass because it gives you and them increased attack speed while lowering the armor of the enemy, which stacks nicely with the passive of your Forge Spirits which decreases enemy armor also. Everything else from then on is for utility and survivability because you don't need anymore damage than that. That said, what you build late game is situational, but what I suggest is what I prefer and works the most often for me.

Quick guide

Here's a quick guide for those who don't need explanations for items/skills.

Level 1-3

1 Point into Exort, Quas, and Invoke. Invoke Cold snap and use to harass.

Level 3-9

Get Exort and Quas up to 4 in any order.

Level 10+

1 point into Invoke at level 10. Invoke Forge Spirits. Use to quickly push your tower down and then other lane's towers.

Assault Cuirass+

By now you should have your core. Push lanes with your team. Prioritize enemy carries and towers. Build utility and survivability items.

Pros / Cons


- Semi-support and carry at the same time
- Tower eater
- Large single target damage
- Great pusher
- Durable
- Still do damage even if CC'd
- Still do damage even if killed
- Simple to play
- Great CC


- Slow
- Expensive core
- Possibly countered with evasion
- Not too useful until level 10


I start out with 5 branches and a courier because Invoker's Quas means you do not need health consumables and he is not very mana reliant. I take mid for the most farm and Invoke Cold Snap at level 3 to harass with. I prioritize Exort until it is level 4, but add points into Quas if I need more HP regen.


I continue farming and harassing my lane opponent with cold snap. Once I get 4 point into both Quas and Exort, I add one more to Invoke and Invoke Forge Spirit. At this point you're fairly competent and may go for a gank if you know it will benefit you. If not, push your lane or kill your lane opponent depending on the situation while you continue to farm up to an ***ualt Cuirass.

Core and late

At this point you're pretty sturdy and your Forge Spirits do a lot of damage. Begin roaming with your team pushing the outer towers down. You and your Forge Spirits destroy towers extremely fast because their armor reduction passive effects towers too. With all the money from the towers and kills, you should find yourself with a Mekansm and Power Treads soon enough. I buy Mekansm because its heal has saved me countless times and I pick Power Treads because of the attack speed and damage bonus.

HoT will give you over 1k of health and make you extremely durable. The last item slot is then dependent on how well your team is doing. If you aren't in the lead, leave it open for a TP. However, if you're in the lead and find yourself needing magic resistance, get a HoD.


For this build, the only skills you need are Quas, Exort, Cold Snap, Forge Spirits, and sometimes Sun Strike.


You should activate your Quas instances whenever you're low on health. This is especially useful early game when you're harassed because you do not need tangos.


You should have Exort instances on whenever you have full health. This increases your damage dramatically(+77 at max rank).

Cold Snap


Cold Snap is an amazing skill. This skill makes your basic attack stun and deal extra damage. You and your 2 Forge Spirits will makes sure this skill is used to its fullest potential.

During laning, this skill can be used to harass. Put this on your lane opponent and simply attack him. Most times, you will be able to take half of their health.

In team fights, try to put this skill onto enemy carries to kill them quickly. This skill is fairly spamable, so don't hesitate to use it.

Forge Spirits


These are your best friends. Always have these activated. These guys put out a ton of damage while also reducing enemy armor. They can also serve as scouts, wards, and shields from skill shots.

When activated, make sure you select them by dragging a box over you and them. Usually it's best to have them follow you around, but sometimes they're good to use as scouts by sending them places like Roshan.

Sun Strike


This skill isn't that great, so don't have it invoked all the time. It is useful in situations where a low health enemy is fleeing because it can be used globally. It is however tricky to land because it's easily dodgeable and take awhile to cast.

Every other skill is useful for Invoker, but I don't find them to be very useful for this build. They only add unnecessary complexity and mana usage in my opinion. I suggest you experiment, though.

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