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Easy PA

August 23, 2015 by Quillon
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Noob Fury

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

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Phantom Strike

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Coup de Grace

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Easy PA

August 23, 2015

PA for nabs like me

Started Dota 2 two weeks ago, mainly played PA. Looked at and tried all the guides etc. then saw these items purchase order in dotabuff with good results, tried it and ever since I'm doing good with PA, still lv6 in pub matches. Last match I've played was 31/2 kd. Maybe other team was buncha noobs but I'm noob also. Anyway a few notes about the build:

Get BKB only if there is too much magic flying around.

There should be space for 2 more main items after those but at that point my PA usually becomes very good and I buy random stuff, maybe I get a Linken's Sphere if I haven't already got BKB, or Assault Armor against melees, Skadi, Heart, BF, Mjol, S&Y, Deso... oh, Boots of Travel before all extras if the game's there for grabs.

This build is much better than battle fury/maelstorm paths for me, I get to be effective much earlier and stay that way till the end.


Guess I couldn't get items to show, purchase order:

Tango and Poor Man's Shield at start.
Ring of Basilius and Morbid Mask(both builds into Vlads)
Power Threads
Shadow Blade and Vladmir's Offering
Optional BKB, Skull Basher
Abyssal Blade, Silver Edge

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