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Easy mode Skeletons

November 20, 2011 by dirrwen
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DotA2 Hero: Wraith King

Hero Skills

Wraithfire Blast

Vampiric Spirit

Mortal Strike


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Easy mode Skeletons

November 20, 2011


So uh.. this is my guide to Skeleton King, the easiest hero in dota, no question. He has one active ability and a free Aegis. Wtf Icefrog o.O. Despite being mega easy mode, he is still very powerful. Skelly is a pretty simple hero, so this guide will be quite short.


Hellfire Blast

Your only active ability, and quite a good one at that. It's a stun, a nuke, a slow, and a DoT. What more ya want? It's pretty spammable, but your mana pool sucks so use it wisely. It's incredibly versatile, use it to escape, chase, damage, kill, everything. Just don't spam it.

Vampiric Aura

One of your passives. Pretty self-explanatory again, just don't skill it early or you'll push the creep line.

Critical Strike

Exactly what it sounds like, this is yet another passive, and it allows you to crit. It isn't of much use early when you don't have much damage/attack speed, but it is OMG late game. Scales nicely per level, with a 15% percent chance at all ranks but ******ed strong 275% damage boost at max. This is like frikkin Morted's ult but doesn't require 40 minutes of farming. Umad Mortred?


Your ultimate. Oh goodness. This is yet another reason Skelly is mega easy mode.. Free Aegis? ಠ_ಠ It has a pretty long cooldown however, so you gotta be wise with it. This doesn't mean you can't ever be in a position where you could die, just don't dive past 3 towers using this to kill that Crystal Maiden once. Also, be sure to quote Arnold Schwarzenegger when you die ;)


Starting items

You can get any mix of these items to start off, it's up to you, your lane partner, and your expected lane opponents really.

Early game items

Really not much here either, Magic Wand is self-explanatory, Helm for the armor, hp regen, and a buildup to Armlet. Your choice of Treads or Phase, both are fine. Simple stuff. Now comes the "weird" part. "Dirrwen, soul ring on a hero with one ability? wtf man." Combined with Vampiric Aura, this lets you spam Hellfire Blast as well as giving you that clutch mana for an ult if you're about to die. I recommend picking this up in most games.

Core items

Armlet is absolutely the item for Skelly. It gives you damage, health, attack speed, everything. Synergies good with Vamp and Crit also. Just a perfect item, always go for this. Your combo is Activate Armlet -> Hellfire -> autoattack until dead -> repeat until all dead -> turn off Armlet.

Luxury items

All of these are good, again mostly self-explanatory stuff tbh... The Refresher might confuse some. It's pretty damn expensive, so only go for it if you're doing pretty good. While the Refresh itself has a long cooldown, it synergies great with your ultimate. If you're in a situation where you know you're going to die, and it will possibly lose the game or set your team at a disadvantage, and your ult is down, Refresher Orb will save you. Refresh, ult, run away >:3

General gameplay

So, take a lane and farm some creeps.. if you know you can kill, tell your lanemate, use your stun, he uses his stun or whatever, free kills. You generally wanna stick with your team once they start roaming for pushes and fights, and just spam your stun and be sure to activate Armlet. Smack some stuff, and hopefully you won the fight. That's pretty much it O.o Skelly is an incredibly simple, and strong hero. Have fun :o

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