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Easy Mid-Lane TA

October 20, 2013 by acwilson96
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Mid Lane TA

DotA2 Hero: Templar Assassin

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Blades of Attack
Healing Salve
Iron Branch

1st Item


2nd Item

Phase Boots

3rd Item


4th Item


5th Item


6th Item

Manta Style

7th Item

Heart of Tarrasque

Final Item

Blink Dagger

Hero Skills


1 3 4 7


5 8 10 13

Psi Blades

2 9 12 14

Psionic Trap

6 11 16


15 17 18

Easy Mid-Lane TA

October 20, 2013

How to Start

Before we begin:
This is a common mistake that people think Refraction makes them invincible and that you can do as you please.
-Blink dagger may be required depending on the heros you are against and their skill level, so prioritise evasion over damage if it will prevent you from feeding.
-This guide is not full proof, and against alot of stuns, you will need BKB.

Start off by last hitting as many creeps as you possibly can, making sure Refraction is enabled when you are within attacking range. Once you have enough gold, you will buy a bottle and have the courier deliver it to you. Now try to keep your Refraction up and use the bottle to keep your health and mana up. Once you have your ultimate make sure to place 2 traps either side of you: one watching the rune, and the other to watch for ganks. Place the final trap just across the river to provide some vision. You should now be harassing the enemy hero as much as you can whilst prioritising last hits. If you notice a gank opportunity then take it as long as the hero is squishy and wont be able to kill you. You should have phase boots by now which makes picking the runes easier and ganking easier. Once you have crystalys you should be last hitting almost every creep in the wave and with the splitting from psi blades the enemy hero should be finding it hard to last hit. Remember that denying a creep with also split and damage enemy creeps.

Towards Mid Game

You should now be close to or have your yasha depending on who you are up against. Once you have yasha you should start working towards your Daedalus which will allow you to farm the ancients easily. There will be a lot of team fights now and whilst you cannot engage you can sit in meld(given enemies don't have gem/dust) and when the team fight kicks off you can jump in and hopefully hit a lot of crits, winning your team the fight. If you are at a loose end be sure to farm your friendly jungles and keep your XP up. Next you will have manta style and you will be able to push lanes a lot easier driving your team to victory.

Towards Late Game

You should now be getting Heart of Tarrasque which will allow you to heal quickly whilst in meld in order to be more effective in team fights. Once you have a heart you are pretty much set and your last item can be whatever you want, I personally choose blink dagger as its great for jumping into team fights and dealing surprise damage or blinking out of meld in a sticky situation. If the enemies are using items like Euls Sceptre then I would suggest BKB in order to stay alive and effective in team fights.

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