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Earthshaker Carry

March 21, 2014 by Jexx
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Earthshaker

Hero Skills


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Enchant Totem

4 8 9 10


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Echo Slam

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Earthshaker Carry

March 21, 2014

Explaining my build

If it wasn't clear enough, I like to build Earthshaker with a lot of area damage. Usually, this would mean Scepter and Refresher + Blink Dagger but I felt like going crazy. His ultimate will still be a big part in this but his w plays the major role in this build solely do the fact it is MASSIVE damage. This is less a guide and more of a explanation of the critshaker combo. In a teamfight, you want to make sure your enemies are completely unaware of you by making sure you are never the one to go in first. Wait for someone to go in and for your enemies to get close to eachother even if you have to wait until after the fight. You want to use your w BEFORE you shadowblade. This will insure a kill when you first go in. You will need to get very close to your enemy, auto attack, and INSTANTLY press R to stun them while doing massive damage. Your main focus should be the people who can disable you by hitting them with your own stuns. Just rightclick and cleave away and watch them all fall before your crazy stuns and damage!

Starting Build

I could not find a recipe picture to put in the build sadly but you want ring of regen along with the recipe for Soul Ring. Why would you get the recipe you might ask? Well you will normally be going to a side lane with another person due to the fact Earthshaker needs a partner early to help him get a few kills. In the side lane you have the side shop where you can purchase Sage's Mask. The reason for this is you will want to spam your Q as much as possible to harass enemies so it really helps you with sustain. Once you get a few kills you can either grab boots or save up for your shadow blade.

Mid game

Once you are done with shadow blade or at least have one of the items it takes to make it, you can start looking for allies to help. Try to block off enemies escapes with your q so it helps secure it for your team. When you go in, w BEFORE you shadow blade for massive damage on your next hit. It is recommended you attack when your w is back up but you still have the effect from your first w. This will not only stun them again due to your e but help you deal 2 hits with insane nuking potential. Your next core item is going to be a battle fury to do your damage in an area rather than just to one target. This will help you DESTROY enemy teams.

Late game

By this time you should be able to farm waves easily and help out your team quite a bit. From here you can choose one of the two build or make your own one that suits your fancy. The first build I have made is one that is used to use earthshaker's stunning ability to it's maximum. He already has massive built in stuns but with these items it is just insane to the person he focuses WHILE still doing massive damage to the enemies around him. It is made for those hard fights that you will need to life steal your way through to victory though doesn't have protection from magic so if you want to throw a Black King Bar in there go ahead. The second build is for bashing through armor that the enemy was so kind as build. Not even the toughest of armor can stop you anymore!


This is the end of my small guide. Like most of my guides, this is a playstyle that might take a bit of getting used to but is mainly just for fun! If there is anything you would like to know more about please tell me and leave a comment telling me how effective you think the build was. And like always have a great day!

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