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Earth Spirit [OFFLANE]

December 28, 2015 by Yakiza
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DotA2 Hero: Earth Spirit

Hero Skills

Boulder Smash

2 4 7 9

Rolling Boulder

1 13 14 15

Geomagnetic Grip

3 5 10 12


6 8 11 16


17 18

Earth Spirit [OFFLANE]

December 28, 2015


Earth Spirit is a Strength character that is really powerful when he is played in offlane.
He is very flexible with a lot of potential in early mid and late game because of his abilities (Stun,Silence,Slow) and due to his amazing ultimate if an enemy has been affected by his ultimate(Magnetize) earth spirit is capable to refresh his ultimate every time he summons a stone remnant , if the effected enemy comes near a stone remnant earth spirit ultimate refreshes .And he is also able to spread his ultimate to other enemies and that is achieved if the affected enemy comes near a remnant stone and there are near him more enemies.


Earth Spirit as i said in the introduction is really flexible it depends how are you gonna play him for instance if you need to be the initiator in a team you should have a black king bar and a blade mail at least, in order to initiate use your ultimate then silence stun and slow if you dont have a black king bar your initiation can be easily turn out to be a disaster because with one stun or silence you are screwed if you need to be the kind of semi support you should definitely create a mekansm force staff and an Aghanim's Scepter( patch 6.86) or you might wanna be the tank in that case you need a pipe or a crimson guard but you might need both of them. you might need to get an extra mobility in order to get a good position in fight or to avoid stuns life(sven, wraith king) or void ultimate e.t.c.
and if you need to slow your opponent for instance you are playing against a carry like slark it would be a great idea to create a shivas or skadi in an extreme case items like skadi are great if the team need you to be a semi carry because in late game the most of your enemies might have a black king bar and with a black king bar they can counter your ultimate


There is no patter that you should follow in earth spirit or in any other hero i believe if you are playing in the offlane and you believe that the lane it's going to be hard and you need to escape, you should max your second skill(Rolling Boulder) and dont you worry about the damag that you might loose from not increasing your silence or stun because by increasing your second skill you will add more mobility so you can chase your opponents or escape from various situations and also when you gank or fight in team fight you will be able to initiate and after 3-4 seconds leave if you need to , because if your do not max your second skill and the skill its level 1 the cooldown will be 16 seconds and in that case if you are being the initiator of your team you have no escape if something goes wrong or you need to leave from the fight i recommend increasing your second if you are going to be the initiator of your team, also if you want to choose witch of your damage skills you should increase i would recommend the stun because when you leveling up your stun you instead of silence you have the ability to stun and to leave from a bad possitioning because by leveling up the stun the stun gives you the amount of seconds you need to stun and use your escape skill witch is (Rolling Boulder).
Watch the video below for some earth spirit skill combos( i found it on youtube its not mine).

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