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Earth Spirit - Mid

December 31, 2013 by bAllesup
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DotA2 Hero: Earth Spirit

Hero Skills

Boulder Smash

2 4 7 9

Rolling Boulder

3 12 13 14

Geomagnetic Grip

1 5 8 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Earth Spirit - Mid

December 31, 2013


This guide is written to win the early mid game, creating space for the carrys in the lanes and utilizing double pull potential for your carry when you want to gank a lane. I wont describe in depth with skills since i assume you've allready know about these.

Earth Spirit is probably one of the strongest Mid heroes at the moment. He is hard to master but you can still dominate your midlane buy practicing basic combos + knowing the basics of playing mid.

Pros / Cons


    High Gank potential
    Stun and silence
    Good kiter/Utility for teamfights
    Really fast stacking camps without loosing valuable time (Gank lanes)

    Needs alot of mana
    Remnant stones (If not used correctly)
    Gank reliant


Boulder Smash - Smashes ally, enemy or stone remnant(SILENCE) in front of earth spirit
Rolling Boulder - Roll in the direction earth spirit is facing
Geomagnetic Grip - Grip ally or stone remnant(STUN)
Magnetize - DoT overtime

Skill sequence
In the skill sequence i've chosen Geomagnetic Grip before Boulder Smash. This is pretty simple Geomagnetic Grip has a 13 sec CD + 75 mana on use compared to Boulder Smash 22 sec CD + 100 mana on use.

Against melee heroes i would allways choose Geomagnetic Grip and Boulder Smash.
Your basedamage is high enough to get LH and you can use it in dangerous situations.

Level 2 combo: against melee: Boulder Smash enemy hero into your creep wave -> Geomagnetic Grip a stone(STUN) and hit him like a TRUCK :).

Level 3-5 combo: against melee/ranged: Geomagnetic Grip a stone (Stun enemy) -> Rolling Boulder (Use stone from grip) -> Boulder Smash him back.

Level 6-> combo: Boulder Smash stone for silence -> Rolling Boulder into (stone) the ones you wanna gank -> Use Magnetize -> After silence -> Use stun (Again its situatinal)

Defensive combo : Force staff out -> Rolling boulder (Stone) -> Geomagnetic Grip (Team mate) -> If the opponents come too close silence em with Boulder Smash



You can see the item build in Purchase Order.
I like to rush bottle - this make it easier to stand in middle since it hard for the opponnent to stand in middle if you can execute your combos.

It's essential to get your force staff then you can choose:

    If my team line-up is early/mid game = rush Mekanism (get tower gold fast) PROFIT $$.
    If my team line-up is early/mid game = rush Mana Boots (Mana for ppl) PROFIT $$.
    If carry is str. early/mid game = rush drums.

If you are going late game - you and your team need to decide what your role is gonna be in the game.

Tanky = heart (some situations blademail)
Carry = bkb+shadowblade+heavens halberd
Utility = Hex + Necro book

Double stacking

Pretty simple - stand at one camp + practice Boulder Smash stone remnant to another.
This is pretty neat before ganking a lane - depends on the level of you boulder smash since 22 sec in the start is too long if you wanna gank a lane.

Thats why you need to max. Boulder Smash ASAP - PROFIT


Hope the guide help you out!

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