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Earth Carrier - By: Codykoko

February 8, 2012 by Codykoko
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Earth Carrier - By: Codykoko

DotA2 Hero: Earthshaker

Hero Skills


1 12 13 14

Enchant Totem

2 8 9 10


3 4 5 7

Echo Slam

6 11


15 16 17 18

Earth Shaker 101

'Q' Fissure - Slams the ground with a mighty totem, fissuring the earth while stunning and damaging baddie units in a line. creating an impassible ridge of stone.
Fissure Duration - 6 Seconds
Stun Duration - 1/1.25/1.5/1.75
Damage - 125/175/225/275
Cooldown - 15 Seconds
Mana - 125/140/155/170

-- This ability is extremely important with positioning. With correct judgment you can isolate a baddie from their team for a great kill or save you ally from the baddie team chasing after him/her.

'W' Enchant Totem - Empowers Earthsakers totem, causing it to deal extra damage on his next attack.
Bonus 75%/150%/225%/300%
Duration - 14 Seconds
Cooldown - 7 Seconds
Mana - 50

-- This ability is a great way to last hit creeps for a good gold supply. But above all its a great spell to use for pounding a baddies face in.

'E' Aftershock - Causes the earth to shake underfoot, adding additional damage and stun to nearby baddie units when earthshaker casts his abilities.
Radius - 300
Duration - .3/.7/1.2/1.5
Damage - 25/45/75/115

-- This ability works great with keeping baddies on lock down for atleast 4.5 seconds or more!

'R' Echo Slam - Shockwaves travels through the ground, damaging baddie units. Each baddie hit causes an echo to damage a near buy unit.
Scepter Upgradable - Causes each initial hero hit to echo twice.
Radius - 500
Echo Damage - 40/55/70
Damage - 200/265/340
Cooldown - 150/130/110
Mana - 145/205/265

-- It is best to cast this when around allot of baddie units or baddie heroes. The damage output is far greater this way.

Farming and Laining

A great way to Last hit creeps is to wait for them to get low on hp and use your Enchant Totem to proq Aftershock for the kill. Then follow it up with a hit for %+ damage to a creep for another last hit.

IF on the longer lain don't forget to train the neutral creeps into your wave to kill them and to keep that lain from being pushed to far. Do not keep doing this if your partner cant hold the lain without you. Or if you have a jungler killing creeps

Reasons for my items and Combo Rotations

Although I do not get Blink Dagger it does not mean i am against people using it. The way i go in to start fights is basically the same way with different tricks. Just use good judgment on if you should open with your ult or not.

Cast Enchant Totem pause for a second or 2-> Cast shadow blade's effect -> run in and apply orchid's silencing effect to a target -> ult -> basic hit with the enchant totem effect on -> Enchant totem -> hit with enchant totem effect on -> Fissure -> basic hit -> sheep staff or abyssal blade -> attack 1 or 2 times -> enchant totem again -> and it more.. If done right it will give at most 8-9 seconds of locking someone down. This one is best if creeps are near but not around you.

its harder to do but if you can start off with Enchant totem and a pause for a second or 2 -> cast shadow blade -> orchid's silencing effect -> Enchant totem hit -> cast enchant totem -> hit again -> ult -> hit -> Fissher -> hit -> sheep staff or abyssal blade effect -> hit 2 times -> enchant totem -> hit again. This will give the same 8-9 seconds of lock down but will give you the additional time for the team to notice you. This one also gives 1.5 seconds for creeps to stack up if their is a creep wave with them

NOTICE!! When in early game the first method is best and do everything up to the "sheep staff or abyssal blade" part. normally at this time after i poke them 1 more time after fissure i predict their path and follow ahead of them to stun them again with enchant totem to lock them down if they are able to run away.

i only do the 2nd attack order if they have a lot of melee so they can look at me and get closer to get stunned by my ult. keep in mind when you cast orchid's offering it breaks stealth so make sure they will not be moving any time soon.

like i said the 2nd combo is a lot harder to pull off and has a lot more at risk but it pays off.

The heart is mainly because it gives 40 strength... now that 40 strength to give 40 more base damage per hit.. and when enchant totem is used with the heart on that's 40 damage + an extra 120 damage to a an outstanding 160 extra damage per enchanted totem hit. On top of the fact it gives the effect of health regain and a massive amount of HP.

The reason their are 6 alt items to be had in the last slot is because game comps change and items will change with it. But i mainly stick to the same build unless i am going to get one of the armor items. then i pick up the armor that will soon lead into the upgrade.

The Daedalus is mainly for its damage and the criting effect. on heroes with 15 armor or more i can get 1k crits easy with just a Enchant totem effect active, shadow blade, heart, orchid's silence, and of course boots

i also get the boots over mana boots because around 40 mins into the game i have enough mana regain and mana to hold my own without them. sure i can move a bit faster but i rather have the 8 strength for the 8 damage + 24 damage from enchant totem.

Untill i get orchid's staff i have my boots on the + intelligence for mana and the mana regain.

Creep blocking and ganking block spots

Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are spots to cast Fissure, and i have included the direction that works best.

The 'X' marked in yellow are placed where blocking does not work. Mainly because they spawn outside the walling zone in which fisher should be cast. The Dire side i show 1 way they walk around and the blocking is not used to it fullest.

Number 6, 7, 8, and 9 are perfect spots to wait to cast fisher to block champions so that their alli can not help in the fight or so that they will have to run a long distance to get back around. i will explain the locations in more detail

Number 6 is a interesting spot. their is a gap in the trees that you can hide in will be undetectable unless they run south of the normal creep wave rout. This blocking will leave no run away for the champion and will give you and your allie ample time to poke their health away.

Number 7 is a spot near the hidden shop. their are 3 trees kinda at an 'L' shape that you can hide in and will be unseen from all views outside of the hidden shop zone. Do not go to far north in the trees that is not where the set up is at. mainly as long as you can cast fissure to the other side to the other tree line then you'll be in the correct spot.

Number 8 is also in the hidden shot zone. their is no perfect spot but just make sure you cast it from 1 tree line to the other.

Number 9 is one of my favorite spots. their are 2 random trees by the tower. the trees are position in a way to where if you go in the middle and click hold possition you will not move form them. their is no sight of you till the creep wave is basically hitting the tower. this is a great spot to cast fissure to block the baddie champ near your tower and your alli champ(s) near them. make sure to cast it at like a 45 degree angle or a little less. its not a horizontal cast.

Tip 1: i normally try to block the range champs away from the melee champs. this is because the range champs normally are easier to kill and because other way around does not work as well. If the melee champ is hugging the fissure wall the range champ can still assist in poking.

Tip 2: Remember you can position yourself in these spots to help alli's get away from baddies. since fissure will be a low rank for a while jsut casting them to get them stund might not work all the time when their are 2 or more people after your alli. but if he is extremely low do what you can unless your already positioned in one of the purple spots.

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