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Dwight D Eisenhower Pro Antimage Build Pro

February 5, 2014 by 1337Guides
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Anti-Mage

Hero Skills

Mana Break



4 5 6 7 8


13 14 15 16 17

Mana Void

1 2 3


9 10 11 12

Dwight D Eisenhower Pro Antimage Build Pro

February 5, 2014


What's up dawgs its your homeboy, 1337guides here. My guides have been used all the way since Dota 1. They have been deemed so good that the pro dota community have banned them as they were all 100% win rates in tournaments such as The International and Starladder.

My latest guide is an ingenious creation, focusing on the hero Anti Mage.

Pros / Cons


Bald, so sharp knife type skills won't make him lose hair

Tan/Dark Skinned- This makes it so he doesn't lose HP during daytime and sun/heat based skills do less damage to him.


Agility Mage- Why isn't he INT?

Melee- Very hard to play melee mages

Says he hates magic, but is a mage himself

Item Build

Hi, so for the item build you are going to want to buy donkeys first and flying donkeys asap.

This is because with the amount of flying donkeys, Anti Mage can effectively use them to fly across the map.

Because of this, it is very easy to farm with Anti Mage. Also, together the donkeys sell for 99,999 gold each at the side shops because the shopkeepers have donkey fetishes. With this money, you can reach your core item build in no time.

The core

Boots of Travel- To make up for the flying donkeys you sold

Death Stick 5- It does a lot of damage. I mean a lot of damage

Orchid Malevolence- It makes your spells do more damage and silences so guarantees that they can't escape

Refresher Orb- Use your spells, then use refresher orb then use your spells again. Very simple process.

Knife- The knife is mainly for decorative purposes but it does have its uses.

Scythe of Sheep- This scythe can turn your enemies into sheeps, very useful in tight situations

Situtional- Aegis of Immortal- You don't really need this as you usually start winning by 5 minutes

Skill Build

Anti Mage is one of the only characters who can level up his ultimate immediately at levels 1-3.

From then on prioritize Blink so you are faster then Shield so can survive then Mana Break. Mana Break is useless since its for auto attacking but Anti Mage is a spellcaster/mage. I don't know why Valve decided to give him such a counter intuitive spell.

The only thing you need is your ultimate and your active items.


In teamfights, just wait for your whole team to die and use everything on them. I guarantee you that it will make you look cool and win you the game for yourself.

Gameplay- The hardest part is locating the sideshops to sell the donkeys. The sideshop is located all the way at the enemy fountain. It is hard to find and hard to click but once you get the hang of it, it's always there.


That's it for my Anti Mage guide. I hope it will bring you guys all victorious and easy rares. Easy rares is easy life.

If you have any complaints about the guide pls feel free to ask. Akke from Alliance was confused about one of my guides until I made it clearer for him.

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