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Dryads are Imba

February 2, 2014 by gosubay
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Standard Build

DotA2 Hero: Enchantress

Hero Skills


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Nature's Attendants

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Dryads are Imba

February 2, 2014


Welcome to my second guide at DotaFire! I'm currently Level 35 at the point of writing this with a solo MMR of ~3600 playing mainly Enchantress/Chen/Visage.

Enchantress is one of those heroes which can be picked in almost any situation due to her versatility. Her ability to jungle enables you to free up one extra spot in the safe lane for another support hero. Her ability to semi-carry allows you to cover for the carry if he is under-farmed. And if you end up in a team with no other supports, Enchantress can always take on the hard support role and pay for all the wards/couriers.

Enchantress is probably best played at the 4th position (meaning that you get 4th priority for farm). If your team ends up picking another 2 supports, you could play it as the 3rd core hero, and if your team picks 4 core heroes then you can play Enchantress in the hard support role.

Strengths / Weaknesses

Strong against physical damage with Untouchable
High DPS at Level 6
Well-balanced Hero that has decent late-game potential even as a support

Low HP - Weak against Magic Burst Damage
No Disable
Micro-intensive in early game



I personally buy the Courier/Observer Wards almost always but if there's a hard support who can buy those for the team, then I would let him do so. I have been experimenting a little between getting the Magic Wand first and going straight for the Urn of Shadows. I think the Magic Wand could make more sense if you expect to be doing a lot of fighting which probably happens in a tri-lane but in a more passive game, going for the Urn is probably better.

Enchantress suffers from some mana problems in the early to mid game, since Impetus is quite a mana-intensive spell. This is why the Urn (0 mana) is always preferred to another item like Mekansm (150 mana).


Power Treads is almost always the best boots to purchase due to the additional 150 hp it gives. Arcane boots could be a decent choice if none of your teammates have them. Boots of Travel could be good if you somehow end up playing as the main carry and want some global presence.


If I'm playing as the third core hero or if I want to capitalize on an early advantage, I may opt to get a Hand of Midas first to ensure that I will have some decent late game potential. If not, completing the Power Treads (Strength) and going straight for Aghanim Scepter is usually best in most situations. If you are playing as the 5th position and are severely under-farmed, you might want to consider just going for Force Staff first instead. This allows you to assist Team-mates and also run in and out of battle more easily.


It is usually pretty rare to be able to afford items past the Aghanim Scepter and Force Staff but if you are able to do so, you should probably go for Scythe of Vyse when in doubt. Lincoln's Sphere is good if the enemy team has many offensive disabling abilities. Orchid is good against heroes with Escaping Mechanisms.

If you have a really good start and are playing as one of the main DPS, Monkey King Bar or Daedalus may be good item choices to further increase your carrying potential. Don't pick agility-based damage items like Manta Style or Butterfly since Enchantress is an Intelligence Hero.


You'll notice that some of the guides here suggest maxing out Enchant first. That's really bad in my opinion. If you notice how well each ability scales, you'll notice that Enchant is really good at level 1 but doesn't really get too much better at higher levels.

The small increase in slow will rarely help you get any additional kills, and you probably don't need to Enchant so many creeps at a time so the lower cooldown is only going to be marginally useful. At the same time, Untouchable and Nature's Attendants will give you so much more survivability in the early stages of the game.

Why do I suggest alternating between Nature's Attendants and Untouchable? The mana cost of Nature's Attendants increase with each level and at the lower levels you'll often find yourself with insufficient mana to cast several spells.


Offensive or Defensive Jungling?

Enchantress should never be played in the lane. So the question is whether she should be played defensively or offensively. I feel that in a pub game, offensive jungling usually reaps better rewards whereas if you were up against better opponents, you would be much likelier to get caught out by the enemy team.

Another factor I use to decide is the nature of the Mid-Lane hero. Against a hero with an early escape mechanism like Queen of Pain or Earth Spirit or Puck, I would probably not bother with ganking. Against a slow hero like the Invoker or Pudge, ganks on the mid-lane are going to be significantly more effective.

Types of Creeps

Centaur: This is probably the best for backstabbing an over-extended mid-hero.
Troll Warlord: Ensnare is a good spell, and the skeleton minions can help to tank some tower shots
Hellbear: Hellbear is slightly worse than the first two creeps but is still pretty decent with Thunderclap
Large Satyr: A very useful creep for harassment, but not for ganking
Wildwing: Very tanky creep. Good for creeping and levelling up but bad for ganking

Offensive Jungling

1. Enemy Mid Hero has no escape mechanism OR One of your teammates has declared that he's also going to jungle -> Offensive Jungle
2. Plant an Observer Ward at the rune spot after checking for runes at 00:00
3. Head to the Large Creep Camp and wait for the creeps to spawn at 00:30. Creep to at least level 2 before attempting a gank
First camp you should creep is marked in red on the mini-map

4a. Enchant a Centaur/Troll -> Check mid-lane and see if enemy hero is over-extended. If yes, head over and attempt to get a kill
4b. Enchant a Wildwing/Hellbear -> Continue creeping
4c. Enchant a Satyr -> Use shockwave around twice while creeping, then send the Satyr to harass/pressure the enemy mid hero with shockwaves. Your Enchant Cooldown should be over and you can get another creep to continue creeping.
5. If no opportunities present themselves, or if off-lane hero needs your help, go assist.

Harrassing with the Satyr

You should keep the Satyr on the high ground on your own side of the map. Whenever the mid-hero comes close enough, cast shockwave and retreat. Make sure that your Satyr doesn't die because you can really deal a few hundred damage to the enemy hero if you can get to cast shockwave 2-3 times.
The enemy hero will feel pressured and your team's mid-hero can farm more freely

How to Creep effectively

The mechanics for creeping are very similar to that of Warcraft 3 and thus the techniques used to creep while taking minimal damage are fairly similar. What I would usually do is to aggro the creep and pull back a little. I'll keep pulling my creep back step by step after each attack while my Enchantress gets free reign to attack continuously. While your creeping may be a little slower, you'll find that your creep is going to take far less damage.

You want to pull the creeps till the point where they will keep running back and forth, allowing you free hits without taking too much damage
Any ranged hero can continuously fire from this spot without taking any damage

Unit-Control and Micro-management

Hotkeys: 1: Enchantress 2: Creeps 3: All 4: Courier
I use the Tab key to cycle between units if I am controlling multiple creeps

Blocking: Try to block retreating heroes with your creeps if possible in a 30-45 degrees zig-zag fashion, the same way you would at the start of the game when you are trying to delay the creep wave.
Use your hero to target the enemy hero while you use the creeps to block his path

Summon Skeleton Minions to scout: In the mid/late game, it's often a good idea to use the Troll Warlord to send free scouts around the map. Concept is really similar to Undead players sending skeleton scouts with the Rod of Necromancy, or Nature's Prophet sending his Treants around in the late game for scouting purposes.
I'm sending skeletons to scout the possible ganking paths behind my team


Not much to say here, just note that you should usually help to tank Roshan because Untouchable really slows Roshan's attack rate by a lot and by taking as little damage as possible, you could prevent your team from losing a fight at Roshan.

It's actually possible to go for roshan right at the beginning of the game as a 3-man combo with Ursa + Wraith King + Any other hero and Enchantress is actually a decent complement to the strategy. But if that happens, do remember to take Untouchable first to slow Roshan down. If you do slay Roshan you'll get level 3 instantly anyway.
Take Turns to tank damage from Roshan

Late Game Fights

Position is really important as a support. With a moderately high DPS and a low HP, you should probably stand at the back and keep on casting Impetus. After the first few seconds, turn on Nature's Attendants. I tend to manual-cast spam R instead of turn on auto cast during fights.

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