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Drunken Destroyer

August 5, 2018 by Crampton
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Offlane Anticarry/Initiator

DotA2 Hero: Brewmaster

Hero Skills

Thunder Clap

3 4 5 7

Cinder Brew

1 8 9 11

Drunken Brawler

2 13 14 16

Primal Split

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

Cinder Brew Applies Fear when Ignited
Brewlings Gain Drunken Brawler Passive
+80 Attack Speed
+1400 Health to Primal Split Units
+350 Health
+30% Cinder Brew Damage/Duration
+200 Thunder Clap Aoe
+15 Damage


Brew-Master IMO is one of the most underused and underappreciated heroes in the whole of dota. Early game he has arguably the greatest ultimate for a team fight, and when used in lane at level 6 is usually a guaranteed couple of kills. Brew-Master has a AOE slow and attack slow, a single target slow with a 70% miss chance on the target, he has evasion, a crit, (Both guaranteed upon a certain time limit), a 2 second stun on a 5 second cool down, extra damage to towers, a AOE enemy buff dispell and Friendly Debuff dispell, a 200 damage nuke which can also be used as an escape, a 6 second wind lace and a mini radiance ... hes pretty good. He seems like this really hard hero to learn but in reality hes pretty straight forward bare the ULT, but with that, is it really that hard to press the tab button ?? the only micromanagement you'd need to do realistically is turning invis with blue and running away back to base in case of a bad initiation xD. but blue is the most complex out of the 3, between the 3 units, there are 3 passive abilities and 4 actives, and 3 of those actives are on blue, i will go though the process of cycling though them but in reality, brew master has the least micromanagement out of all micro intensive heroes.

Pros and Cons // Counters and matchups

Best Anticarry in the game in terms of farm depleting
counter to all carries, summons, and illusions to some extent
great at all stages of the game
only needs blink dagger to truly be a threat, otherwise item independent
vast amount of disables
very high survivability
Best early/mid game team fight ult

mana issues
no mobility items without blink
vulnerable to a silence
reliant on primal split at all stages of the game

Good against
Any Hero reliant on landing physical attacks to deal damage
Huskar, Ursa, Temp, drowranger (saughta) all do poorly against a brew

Any hero reliant on a certain ability on a short time scale to do a lot of damage
heroes like sven with ult or lycan with ult who can be wind laced out of the game for 6 seconds

Any hero with illusions or summons due to massive AOE damage from thunder clap and fires mini radiance, also completely destroys lone druid, taking the bear out for 6 seconds can easily kill a squishy lone druid

He also counters most carry in the game from his 70% miss chance op af drunken haze, this can and should always be spammed in lane which will drastically reduce farm, and with his ult, wind lace the support and go to town on the carry with you mini radiance, 200 damage nuke on a short cool down, and your second stun on the 5 second cool down, GG

Bad against
Heroes with a lot of pure damage like OD who will clean up your primal spirits with ease.

Any hero with a silence or hex such as lion, shaman, skywrath or death profit, who can take him out of the game before he can pop his ult.

Death profits ULT will also rapidly kill your primal summons

Works well with

Crystal maiden can resolve any mana problems

Anyone that can keep him alive to get off a primal split such as dazzles shallow grave, oracles fates edict and false promise, and omniknights repel and ult keeping him from death and avoiding annoying stuns / scilences

Abilities and how they work. (How to ult)

Thunder Clap
At max this is 400 AOE attack (55) and movement slow (55) dealing damage (300, the slow at max will last 4sec on all heroes and the slow will persist for 7 with the level 15 talent. This is your most simple ability and initiation tool, blink onto a hero and thunder clap, thats all you need to know. if mana isnt too much of a issue for you, you can use this on creep waves to farm, or in lane use it to push the enemy lane towards their tower.

Drunken Haze
This is a single target slow at max lasting for 4.5 seconds on a 5 second cool down, at all levels this will also provide a 70% miss chance which stacks with other sources of miss chance (Miss not evasion). Use this on enemy carry's to ruin their farm (25mana use, spam this in lane) and after a thunder clap, follow though with this to make sure the hero has no chance of escape or fighting back. This is your most powerful tool for a solo kill as the enemy wont be able to run or fight you.

Drunken Brawler
Bit of a weird spell. Picture Phantom assassins Blur and Crit in beta wrapped up in one spell, but also giving a guaranteed proc depending on a certain time length without it being used ? does that make sense ? the spell gives 25% evasion and 25% chance to crit for 230%. if you haven't hit anything for 10 seconds you will be guaranteed a crit on your next hit, and if yourself, hasn't been hit in 10 seconds, you are guaranteed to dodge their next attack.

Primal Split
Oh My God
Primal split ... the reason you're even looking at this section, to figure out why the simple hero is actually in fact so complex and the reason you're too scared to pick the most fun hero in the game; and im here to help you dude

Hurl Bolder
This is a 2 second stun on a 5 second cooldown ... thats it. Spam this on the hero youre trying to kill. just remember to throw this out constantly and youre doing well.

Spell immunity
Makes the green one immune to spells ... thats it. Wow its almost as if brew masters actually not that complex xD

Literally just makes you do more damage to towers, kinda useful for pushing but ehh.

Dispel magic
Friendly debuff dispel and enemy buff dispel in one, may just be the best spell in the whole game. This works in a 600 radios. Picture your whole team is under fatal bonds, while the enemy team has bonus armor and evasion from Svens E, cast this and assuming everyone is in a 600 radios of the cast point, poof level playing field again.

6 second wind lace on a 8 second cool down, use this on those annoying supports in lane, because i genuinely use the bolder stun on the carry to kill him, i usually will cyclone the support out the way (Laneing) kill the carry, then wait for the support to come down, then kill them. In team fights this is a bit more different, cyclone big threats such as a Sven on Red mode, or a huskar with Q on, cyclone them dudes. Quick side not on this too, using dispell magic in the AOE of the cyclone will cancel the cyclone, so if you need the full 6 second duration, remember to q first, but lets say you wana quickly cyclone someone till your team gets there, but you cba to stand around for 6sec, cast q and they'll come back down.

Literally a shadow blade, makes Blue invis, 50% increase on MS, and bonus damage on next attack (220 mag) with a 0.6 fade time, worst comes to worst wind walk and run away, guaranteeing your safety after green dies.

Permanent immolation
220 radios radiance at max dealing 60 magic damage per second, (red also runs fast)

When using Primal split:
i genuinely dont micromanage because i cant, so i have a hot key keeping them all together (1) and do the following. Q Tab Q W E RIGHT CLICK Tab tab Q repeat. Obviously thats very vague but its the Gist. Q to stun, dispell anything needed, cyclone someone annoying, shadow walk and right click enemy stunned enemy to nuke, press tab twice cause fires ****, now you're back on green and your q should be off cool down to stun again.

If you screwed up on initiation:
Q Tab Q W (Green dies (oh my god im gona die) E (click blue and run anywhere). Leave fire alone and let him die, priority always goes Green, Blue, Red when re spawning, if everyone's alive you'll spawn back at green, if green died you'll spawn at blue, if blue dies you'll be spawned at red. so as long as you remember to E on blue and dip, you shouldn't ever die in primal split.

Item builds (Offlane AntiCarry)

NGL not even here to talk in depth about certain builds to go, more just why theres a massive list in situational.

My regular build if you care to know is Tranquils, Magic Stick, Blink, Assault C. Tranqs give me the regen i need for offlane, wand helps mana issues, blink is mandatory to truly come online and help secure kills, and assault gives me a lot of attack speed, a way to take down towers, make enemy's weaker and my own team hit faster along with more armor then what ever after i pick what i want usually on a game to game basis but 90% thats my core and for 6th slot its just how im feeling or what the team needs, however for the other 10% of games, ill explain myself.

All of those items are viable on brew (Some more than others but you'll see what i mean) and have worked well depending on what the team or i needed to win the game.

***ult C

IMO this is more core than situational but i have gone a few games without picking it up and been fine, its like more of a semi core. Assault provides descent armor and attack speed to you and allies, helping you improve your own survivibility, as well as giving your team some much needed bonus's. The attack speed works well for you due to having a +100 atk spe talent, plus 55 from this wonder of a item, this also removes armor from enemy heroes and towers, help you get kills, and push towers with your team faster, the more attack speed too, the more you crit, solo kills become a breeze


If im steam rolling a game and think i can finish ez before 35min ill skip this, but this can be an amazing item for brew. i usually pick this up mainly for farming, so i can be more viable late game, but this will also greatly improve your use in team fights, Auras linger in primal split too i forgot to mention, so Radiance + mini Radiance = 120 magic damage a second in split. Also, 2 miss chance sources stack, so an enemy hazed and under radiance will have a 87% CHANCE TO MISS ALONG WITH YOUR 25% EVASION (40% with talent (Yeah youre unkillable). Try and get this asap in a long game to hasten farm for bigger items.


More crit, thats it, but trust me you hit like a bloody truck criting that much, so much you almost wont want to be in split cause you deal that much damage xD buy this is you're transitioning to carry cause you have so much farm (Dont buy if the team needs more aura dont be selfish dude, no one cares about your KD if you lose)


More evasion and a slow proc, this along with the ability to take a player out of the game basically for 5sec on mele and 3 on range, useful for solo kills without wanting to use split. Plus some really good stats to go with.

Heart of T

More health means you survive longer, its pretty good, having a radiance and a heart will make you practically unkillable even if you wanted to die, that much health and evasion/miss chance is insane.

Echo Saber

Cheap, nice stats, helps mana issues, double attack ever 3 secs means double the chance to crit (Echo kinda gives you a 200% chance for a crit ever 3 seconds so i like it) plus procing double attack slows the enemy, buy this if youre really low on farm and need to be effective quickly.


You initiate, shivas is like a good thing for that, armor, helps mama issues, aoe slow and aura to provide -45 attack slow, this and thunder clap work very very very well, but its not always needed.

Spirit vessel

Vessel helps mana issues, provides much needed health regen for you and team if needed, and when always going in first on enemy's your bound to rack up a lot of charges, dont pick up if you have a roamer who needs it more, but its always nice to have on a team.

Soul ring

Soul ring works nice with tranqs for additional mana but i prefer just magic stick against ability spammers, but when needed of guaranteeded mana, soul ring is a shout.


Vlad's is meh but i guess kinda situationally useful, iv like picked it up twice ... on paper its good, life steal for team, helps mana issues, and bonus to damage, but it just distracts from bigger items so i never usually pick it up, unless again, its needed for the team.

Phase boots

I always pick up phase if im against ability spammers like bristle, or zues, as the health regen from tranqs inst needed as ill get most my health back from stick. These provide more damage for crits and better chasing ability after thunder clap wears off.

Moon shard

More attack speed more crit man (Get late game when you have 6 slot and just want to consume for more attack speed)


More attack speed, evasion, Damage, agi (ehh), and more chase, sounds brilliant


Useful pick up when low on farm, gives evasion and armor but more importantly, can remove it from enemy's, helping out with kills :)

Literally I usually just pick up the usual Boots Wand Blink Assault and then just mix and match from there, mostly this will become radiance heart but honestly, other than a blink brew is very item independent, you could get away with desolate if you want, that much attack speed in the late game, this and assault will tear down towers, just remember to pick up on a game by game basis.

How to play a brewmaster

i need sleep so im quickly going to go though this and probs will edit it at some point in the future xD

Start off with a set of tangos, a mango, a stout shield and 2 branches, the stout is much appreciated to get rid of incoming damage and along with your haze and brawler, will help you survive easy. Tangos for additional regen, a mango cause you may need a lil bit of mana and branches for additional stats and to make into a wand :)

Spam your haze on the carry when they go for a last hit, max this out first if you're playing a true anti carry and not looking for too much farm. If not max Q first for early game damage and kill potential.

Soon as you hit 6 wind lace the support and go to town on the carry (Q TAB Q W E RIGHT CLICK TAB TAB REPEAT) this will usually kill the carry and support so try and damage the tower. if no kill happens bad luck dude get good.

worst comes to worst in farming, wait 10 secs, run in for a last hit with G proc chance on crit, then run back, wait 10, repeat. this happens a lot when maxing Q over W, but if maxing haze, just stand your ground dude.

Farm for tranqs wand and blink, then go for kills. try to get blink sub 15-20min.

When solo killing, BLINK Q W rightclick damage till everything off cool down repeat, they cant fight or run, its joke.

Initiating on 2 ... Blink Q hit both (if you can) W right click carry you're till low (sub 50% health) ULT Q TAB COMBOWOMBO AGAIN

ANd i think thats all i can really tell you dudes about the hero, theres no set thing too do or way to play as this guy, run him offlane anti carry, run him sfe lane carry, run him mid ffs IT WORKS ! brew is such a versatile hero, that works well imo in almost any team filling any role needed of him, a true Swiss army knife dude :)

Good luck

P.S (Have a pint before a game, see what you come up with ;))

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