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Drow's Nightmare

January 24, 2013 by Azure_KIte
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Sange and Yasha Rush

DotA2 Hero: Slark

Hero Skills

Dark Pact

2 3 5 7


1 4 9 10

Essence Shift

8 12 13 14

Shadow Dance

6 11 16


15 17 18

Drow's Nightmare

January 24, 2013

How it works.

Since drow has more free agility, we should focus on agility based items and that is whycame 1st to give us more agility and easy kill. After you get enough gold, finish yourand do not finish your boots since your ultimate has already provide the speed you need + a SANGE! that gives you a 10% movement speed.

Well that's about it, I'm not a good at writing or how to explain it (like any of us has time for that) and apologies for the bad grammar and english.

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