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Drow Ranger: The Hard Carry

April 25, 2012 by xxklownxx
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Standard Carry build

DotA2 Hero: Drow Ranger

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Drow Ranger: The Hard Carry

April 25, 2012


Hey guys, i'm an avid Dota player (by no means pro) and i've noticed that Dota fire is somewhat starved for guides (or at least quality detailed guides), so i've decided to post my way of playing Drow Ranger

Skill Sequence

I take trueshot arua first, max it first, with an early point into frost arrows and silence.

Why the aura first? well it lets you hit like a truck in the early game and keepy you consistantly strong throughout the game.

The second point into frost arrows is key. Although the level 1 slow isn't all that great, its not for the slow that were using the frost arrows primarily (at the early stage). You use it to be able to hit the other hero in your lane witout retaliation from creeps or tower aggro. For example, if you auto-attacked the enemy hero, the creeps would aggro to you or the tower. However if you manually clicked on the frost arrows and targeted the hero, the tower would not begin to take pot shots at you, saving you from big damage while continuously harassing your opponents.

The point into silence is to help your team in fights and help survive ganks and mini-engagements. It is viable to trade frost arrows at level 2 for silence at level 2 if you are facing heavy nukers.


My item build for the most part is pretty similiar to the DOTA2 recommended items for Drow Ranger with one notable exception. The helm of the dominator.

Why this item? well because its a good item:P

No but really, it gives you damage, surviability, and it builds into a satanic later.

Also, one of of my favourite benefits is being able to take a neutral creep and put it under your control. This give Drow better farming potential. Let me explain.

Ssy, your lanes are pushed foreward, and the only (relatively) safe place to farm is the jungle, but you obviously don't do the massive damage to kill jungle creeps before they hurt you too badly. WELL THEN, just use ur nifty helm and bam, insta tank for your jungle route. This will help newer players keep their health pools up while farming in the jungle as well as give them an opportunity to continue farming to get the big items.

The shadow blade is also a must, but I find it can wait until you get your helm. After the helm, obviously the blade is priority. It helps you escape, gank, and position yourself in team fights to land those key silences and keep you alive long enough to flat out kill the other team.

Last in my item order are the big damage items that help you carry. I prefer Butterfly over the daedalus in terms of buy order but this is a preference.

Honestly at this point in the game, i think it would be best to get Butterfly, Manta, and then daedalus but with your 2 core items the blade and the helm you should be good to go in whichever big item you choose.

How to play

last hit last hit last hit last hit.

The aura will give you a better base damage to last hit creeps with, so that should make it a little easier for newer people.

Deny! if you have nothing to last hit, deny your opponent. Remember howver, that farm for you is more important. You are the carry, you need your gold.

Harass..safely. Dont put urself in situtaitons that could get you killed. You need farm, you don't need to lose your hard earned gold.

Call missing, it will save lives and if they do the same, it will save yours.

farm farm farm farm. You really have to farm hard to do your job. So for most of the game, you will be farming. Be there for big engagements, but don't be idle. If nothing big is going on or there are a few small scirmishes, just farm. If someone dies while your out farming, yeah that sucks, but you know what doesn't suck? Killing pretty much the whole team so u can win the game.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

I realize that this guide doesn't introduce a clever new exciting way to play drow, but I figured I had some key points worth mentioning, and even if this guide only helps a single noob play better, this guide will have accomplished everything I originally intended it to do. So enjoy and read

Oh and also. For the love of god PLEASE don't pick Drow Ranger if you already have a hard carry on your team. Unless the other team is as bad, you lose. :(

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