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Drow Ranger hunters guide

February 13, 2013 by copyrush
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Basic hunter

DotA2 Hero: Drow Ranger

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Hero Skills

Frost Arrows

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Precision Aura

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Drow Ranger hunters guide

February 13, 2013

All in 1 chapter

before I start , I know everyone will say why MOM . iv disliked it in the past . but MOM and Drow frost arrows stack . and we all know drow cant really chase targets and kill em at Levels bellow 10 . the combination of yasha and mask of madness are the best hunter combination you can get as early game carry . and build ur way effectively by killing and surviving . and have tried several builds with traxex and this is the best one I find working for me . 1 wraith band and nothing more . reason is u don't wanna waste ur money but u need that extra HP and damage early game .

if u needed more than 3 tangos that means ur doin something wrong . solo mid or solo hard lane , it makes no diff , all u need to do is start denying ur own creeps if things get hard and pull em to ur tower .

again last hitting is very important . the adjustment that drow got in the last update made her semi item dependence , means u cant go crazy before u finish ur core .

- yasha or mom first : well it really depend on the match in this point . if u did manage to get kills before level 6 go for mom . if not get yasha first then mom , also suggest getting the crit as soon as u can right after MOM .

good Luck .

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