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Drow Dun Good

July 22, 2013 by Duvwins
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Drow for the advanced player

DotA2 Hero: Drow Ranger

Purchase Order

Change to suit

Iron Branch
Slippers of Agility
Healing Salve
Wraith Band
Boots of Speed
Gloves of Haste
Power Treads
Morbid Mask
Helm of the Dominator
Blade of Alacrity
Band of Elvenskin
Blades of Attack

Drow Dun Good

July 22, 2013


This is my guide for Drow Ranger. This is an advanced guide and items can be bought in a different order ie: Yasha before Dom if you are not in need of it. To be changed situationally

My starting items differ slightly from most peoples' choices but I feel it is a good balance between survivability and DPS.


The early point in silence can be swapped for another in frost arrows and left til level 7 if you are not laning against a character with an escape.


I usually end up buying a Shadow Blade at some point due to enemy counters. It provides great survivability and also +150 damage when attacking from stealth. the only reason I have not included it above is that it is not essential and games can be much quicker if you do not need to buy it. Having said that, f I am going to buy SB I usually get morbid mask then buy before completing Helm of Domination.

Luxury items for Drow are simply upgrading the Yasha into a Manta Style and upgrading Crystalis to a Daedalus. If after these items you are still having troubles finishing, uninstall dota.

Creeping / Jungling

jungle farming once you have morbid allows you to easily farm for the later game items like Yasha, Shadow Blade and Helm.

Do not be afraid to use TPs frequently to defend lanes/gank as they will reap the return if used well.

Team Work

If no one else has bought wards early game (lvl 7ish) then you SHOULD. It allows you great vision to see where people are and where to gank/not go next.

Drow excels in finishing up games when you can just stand back from a team fight and nuke away. This is another reason why I often buy a Shadowblade as other players are aware of this and will mostly try to focus you down first.


If you have any questions please post or PM me and I will respond or amend the guide to suit. Thanks for reading and happy Traxexing!

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