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Drex's Guide to Carry Winter Wyvern

March 23, 2017 by Drex123
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Winter Wyvern Carry

DotA2 Hero: Winter Wyvern

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Faerie Fire
Faerie Fire

Core Items

Arcane Boots
Blade Mail
Assault Cuirass

Situationals/ Nice to have

Guardian Greaves
Shadow Blade
Orchid Malevolence
Silver Edge
Dagon 1

Hero Skills

Arctic Burn

1 2 8 9

Splinter Blast

5 7 10 13

Cold Embrace

3 4 14 15

Winter's Curse

6 12 18


11 16 17

Drex's Guide to Carry Winter Wyvern

March 23, 2017

Lane and Late Game Strategy

Take either safe or offlane. Once you have blade mail, start ganking or pushing tier twos. start farming camps and lanes around 20 minuets. Watch for any team fights. Open with ult and Q when teamfighting, use e on other and use W to finish off enemies who run into creeps or their allies while trying to escape. For talents, get them in this order; Left, Right, Left, Right

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