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DPS Viper with lifesteal

March 16, 2019 by badaboom badabing
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DPS Viper with lifesteal

DotA2 Hero: Viper

Hero Talents

-50% Viper Strike Cooldown/ Mana Cost
Become Universal
+20% Poison Attack Damage/ Slow
+80 Viper Strike DPS
+20 Corrosive Skin Attack Speed Slow
+40 Nethertoxin Min/Max Damage
+20 Corrosive Skin Damage
+4% Poison Attack Magic Resistance Reduction

DPS Viper with lifesteal

badaboom badabing
March 16, 2019


This build neglects items such as the blade mail and BKB found in most builds for viper and focuses on an increased life stealing rate to survive fights against more than just one enemy so that you can make the most of your DPS potential.

I've been testing this build in both, unranked and ranked matches for quite some time and have been one of the or the top scoring player in the match for a majority of the matches.

One of the most essential items for Viper is his scepter, since he will otherwise lack the mana for bigger team fights. It will also decrease the cooldown time for your ultimate.


Early Game:

I recommend first finishing off your Wraith Band before getting your Power Treads, but it's down to your individual playstyle and the enemies you are facing. The wraith band will give you some much needed agility at little cost for your early game.

The power treads are great, as you can keep them on agility unless you need a mana boost (temporarily switch to intelligence). The additional movement speed also helps a lot, since Viper is not the quickest.

Playing Mid:

If you are facing enemy heroes with a long range (such as Sniper or Clingz)you should now buy a dragon lance to get that extra range. This item also constitutes the foundation for your hurricane pike. It's a fantastic item, which is worth its money.

Morbid Mask/Ags

Before assembling my scepter, I usually buy a morbid mask together with my level 10 ability (8% lifesteal), which gives you another 15% lifesteal on top.

The scepter will provide you with sufficient mana and health to get involved in larger team fights. It will also decrease the cooldown of your ultimate.


Since you won't buy a BKB or Blademail it's important that you protect yourself in case someone disables your hero (there's no lifesteal, if you can't attack, unless you were smart enough to place a nethertoxin underneath some creeps or enemy heroes before.)

The Butterfly will not only give you a bonus to your attack speed and damage, but it will also make you more durable by providing you with 30% evasion.


Are optional. I sometimes buy the Yasha before I get my Butterfly, just in case I have sufficient funds. It increases your agility and attack speed once more and the Kaya will add some more mana + SPELL AMPLIFICATION, which is fantastic, as most of your damage will come from your abilities and your DPS.


I recommend going for your Poison Attack first and solely skilling this ability in combination with your Nethertoxin until you hit level 6 and your ultimate. Your Corrosive Skin will gain importance, once you have your lifestyle (items/level 10 talent of 8% lifesteal).

Use your Nethertoxin to break passives and prevent enemies from farming/pushing, as well as to increase your lifesteal.

use your Poison Attacks and Ultimate to slow down enemies and deal damage. At the start of the game you should damage enemy heroes first, before using your Poison Attack, since it deals more damage, once the enemy hero has lost some HP.

Choose your level 10 ability wisely. If you're faced with ranged heroes such as sniper or if you had a lot of farm, go for the extra attack range. If you need more life stealing capacities to survive, go for the corrosive skin stats.

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