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Downgrading Bounty Hunter

May 8, 2012 by Salawayun
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From Early to End

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

1 3 5 7


2 8 9 10

Shadow Walk

4 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18


Bounty Hunter is one of DotA's lone unique utility, although easily thwarted by Gem, Sentry Wards and Necronomicon Summons, his ability to scout and hunt down enemy targets as well as providing great ganking gold income through Track is not something that should be carelessly dealt with.


When the hunted tell tales of Gondar the Bounty Hunter, none are sure of which are true. In whispered tones they say he was abandoned as a kit, learning his skill in tracking as a matter of simple survival. Others hear he was an orphan of war, taken in by the great Soruq the Hunter to learn the master�s skill with a blade as they plumbed the dark forests for big game. Still others believe he was a lowly street urchin raised among a guild of cutpurses and thieves, trained in the arts of stealth and misdirection. Around campfires in the wild countryside his quarry speaks the rumors of Gondar�s work, growing ever more fearful: they say it was he who tracked down the tyrant King Goff years after the mad regent went into hiding, delivering his head and scepter as proof. That it was he who infiltrated the rebel camps at Highseat, finally bringing the legendary thief White Cape to be judged for his crimes. And that it was he who ended the career of Soruq the Hunter, condemned as a criminal for killing the Prince�s prized hellkite. The tales of Gondar�s incredible skill stretch on, with each daring feat more unbelievable than the last, each target more elusive. For the right price, the hunted know, anyone can be found. For the right price, even the mightiest may find fear in the shadows.

Your Role Preference

Bounty Hunter would generally fall into the Utility role with the sub-role of being an early to mid-game Ganker which scales into being a DPS Semi-Carry once late game enters.

Spell Elaborations


Your main early nuke as well a kill-stealing spell, deals 325 in Magic Damage and also causes a Mini-Stun which can interrupt channeling spells, it somewhat scales badly in damage as well as the high manacost but prioritizing its levels makes it easy for you to gib down low HP heroes such as Supports.


A Passive ability that makes your next attack deal a 2.25x Critical Hit as well as a 25% Movement and Attack Speed maim, meaning it slows down the target. The on-hit ability has a 6-second cooldown at maximum level and is not dependent on Gondar's Attack Speed unlike other passive Critical Strikes.


Your main scouting spell, an Active Invisibility spell with a .25-second fade time and 30 second duration at a maximum level, and a very low 15-second cooldown when compared to how long you're unseen. This is one of your early game bread-and-butter and what makes you a scout for targets. It also adds a 120 on-hit backstab damage once maxed. Although with this benefits there's still a reason why it is prioritized least and will be elaborated later.

Gondar's main bread-and-butter, places a mark on an enemy hero providing Gondar and his team vision of it as well as providing True Vision for invisible heroes. Also adds a -5 armor reduction as well as buffing your movement speed by 20%, it has a 1200 casting radius at the maximum level and grants a huge gold bonus on once the target is killed while it is being Tracked.

Item Build and Overall Gameplay

This guide for Bounty Hunter would opt for a Mid-Lane Gameplay as to quickly gain levels as well as gold and start ganking as early as possible. Start on solo although knowing the innate squishy nature of AGIs and the priority of ranged mid-laners by most, there would be times when having a ranged babysitter is preferred.

Work your way up to Tranquil Boots as to provide Lane Survivability and Bottle for rune control. Once you hit 6 you can then proceed to gank the side lanes, target lone ones as well as low HP supports, with your Invisibility on hand, it would not be hard for you to Skirmish down hero kills. Be sure to have your target Tracked and focus it down together with a partner as to make the gank as swift as possible. Having Bottle for rune control as well as the provided vision by wards would make your ganking quite easier as you would have a steady supply of HP and mana. Grabbing optional Items like Urn of Shadows, Medallion of Courage and also Orb of Venom for the added slow and DOT, would provide an increase in damage output and make gank attempts safer without having to worry too much about TP-ing backups. Phase Boots and Drums of Endurance is preferred for the Chasing Power as well as added stats for some early game beef.

On the later stages, where you would be much more likely to be engaging together in teamfights, be sure to grab your Vanguard and Vladimir's Offering for your much needed survivability and added teamfight utility with the Lifesteal and Armor Aura provided.

The Shadow Walk issue

So right now you would be thinking, why Shadow Walk isn't prioritized? It's pretty simple, the enemy knowing that you are the Bounty Hunter would be more likely to place in early sentries, especially in the early lane battle where a common trend for Gondar users is to play him like a Rikimaru, spamming invisibility and only coming out to last hit creeps. With that reason in mind you won't be enjoying much of the Invisibility abuse. Jinada and Shuriken Toss would be much more preferable to be prioritized early on for the added slow as well as the nuke.

Closing Notes

There you go, an easy, simple guide to abuse Bounty Hunter. I would be gladly doing necessary updates and refine the guide once any valid argument is started. GLHF!

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