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Double Edge

October 28, 2012 by NighTragE
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Good old tactic

DotA2 Hero: Centaur Warrunner

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Early Game



Luxury/Extension to Core

Hero Skills

Hoof Stomp

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Double Edge

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Double Edge

October 28, 2012


The centaur is considered the best tank heroes in the Dota, therefore allowing him to stay in battle longer than any hero, while it has great strengths in the game that doesnt mean he is perfect.
The centaur is one of my favourite heroes so here is a little short guide on how to start with him.


The items are rather straight-forward, since 2 of your skills synergizes of how much strength you have (Return and Stampede).

The starting items shouldnt be so special:
Buy Salve,Tango,Stout Shield and 3 branches.
The rest is up to you.
You can go traditional way:
Vanguard,Blade Mail and Dagger
Or you can delay Dagger for later:
Drum Of Endurance, Vanguard, Bracer, rush Heart of Tarasque and ofc Blade Mail.

The Build doesnt matter anyway since your ulty if i may say its rather awesome and overpowered since it give you max speed, no collision and +200 + x2 of the stregth multiplier...which can be used as a initiating or escape tool.

Either way if you manage to at least break through enemies middle lane then you dont need radiance...


The old Centaur was well pretty bad in my oppinion and it needed more work than the "new" version.

The skills are left intact of old centaur exept the ulty:

Old Centaur ulty (as my memory serves) had given you bonus strength (max of 12 or so i think)

While new Centaur ulty has give more meaning to Centaurs ganking and initiating potential.

Stampede causes all of your allied heroes to gain maximum movement speed, no world/collision and damage on impact on hostile heroes (note that this also affect Centaur...obviously :D), the impact can be applied only once.

How to use the skills on the beggining of the game:

Try to rush level 3 and you need at least lvl 2 Hoof Stomp and lvl 1 Double Edge (Note that Double Edge deals equal damage to you as to the enemy), and attempt to gain FB or even gain double kill.
Max your Hoof Stomp and Double Edge first then Return.
The ulty is straight forward: lv 6,11 and 16.

Pros / Cons

High Health Pool (with Vanguard and Threads on level 6 ~ 1200 Hp)
High Burst Damage (400 Damage with Double Edge + 250 Hoof Stomp + 200 dmg + x2 Str Multyplier)
Return! (Mini Blade Mail, stronger on later levels, it also returns damage to the towers!)
High Str gain per level 3.8

Low Int gain (1.5)
Some minor mana problems but fixable (Drum of Endurance best item for Centaur in my oppinion)
Can be problematic vs some heroes

Worst enemies:

Naix The Lifestealer:

Why? His Feast ability can strip off your health pool in few seconds, dont let him farm!

For now that's all the worst enemies i can think of, the Centaur synergizes well with any hero so use their abilities!

Team Work

The shortest way?
RUSH IN AND DO YOUR COMBO...youre tank not carry, but with your high burst damage and ultimate you can gank easily early/Mid game and potentialy finish it alone.

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