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[DOTA2]Legion Commander Guide by Yamaitsukami

April 19, 2014 by Yamaitsukami
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[DOTA2] Legion Commander Guide by Yamaitsukami

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Mid Game


Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

5 12 13 14

Press the Attack

2 4 8 10

Moment of Courage

1 3 7 9


6 11 16


15 17 18

[DOTA2]Legion Commander Guide by Yamaitsukami

April 19, 2014


Hello everybody, this is my first guide to Legion Commander(Tresdin) I'm basically a Noob at DotA 2, and I don't know why I'm making a guide.

Items + Explenation

Item that you should buy for Legion Commander:

-Stout Shield(To block some damage from enemy harass)
-Tango(To regain HP from enemy harass)

-Power Treads/Phase(Power treads if you can easily start a Duel with someone, Phase if you can't start a duel to someone, eg. Luna, Naga, Other fast heroes)
-Armlet(Get this to help you with the duel, activate then duel quickly, Tips if you are using QWER controls, put it in the Z slot, then aim at the enemy, Z R Left Click)
-Vanguard(Stout shield to vanguard, Why not?)
-Blademail/BKB(To increase the chance of winning a duel, Blademail will counter attack, BKB to null pesky non-duelist)
-Blink Dagger/Shadowblade(Blink and duel, OR sudden duel)
-Vlademir/Satanic(Adds Lifesteal Aura)
-Heaven's Halberd(People say its nice, why don't give it a try)
-Eye of skadi(IDK if this works)
-Divine Rapier(Simply the best)
-Daedalus(Random Kritz, NOT UBERED KRITZ)

Pros / Cons

Duel increases attack permanently
Duel makes enemy can't run away
Overwhelming odds is good against multiple enemies
Buff your teammate using Press The Attack

Losing a duel gives the enemy bonus attack
Low Agility
Low AS(Attack Speed)


1. Get Armlet
2. Get Power Treads
3. Activate Armlet
4. Flank
5. Find a low-hp enemy
5,5 INT type hero is better
6. Start the duel
7. ???
8. Profit, Except if u lost

That is all Folks, I'll make a batter guide since I'm sleepy now and I can't type correctly, hopefully the next guide will be better, I really love comments, fixes that I should fix its ok to say its a bad guide, because I know this is bad peace out everyone

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