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Doom To You

June 28, 2012 by DoomShroom
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DotA2 Hero: Doom

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Scorched Earth

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Doom To You

June 28, 2012


DoomBringer is one of the best heroes in dota.

He barely any of his ability's are item dependent and he has an unmatched ability to get FAT no mater what.

The why i play Doom is to be a agro magnet and disrupt the best planed attack. Which is great seeing as you can spend your easily obtained farm to add to his already awesome natural taking ability, there after focus on pissing off the other team with constant AoE damage and slow.


But fist a skill build Summery, I'm not going tell you what each spell does if you don't know loot it up.

The most important thing is the farm. So when ever you can Click on devour DO IT. Then next thing is not to lose all that hard earn cash so Level up Scorched Earth, this will not only help you getaway but also help you chase down fleeing prey and even tower dive every now and then.Lvl Death is a great nuke and i know loads of great builds that take it early on, and thats not a bad plan but the item build does not allow for the constant 120 mana needed for those last hits early on, so i only take Lvl Death towards the end where i use it with in team fights when ever the CD allows, i mostly target the casters with this ability but really you just have to make the best choice with the lvls of your prey. DOOM!! is a must have it can and will turn any fight in your favour if used correctly form making there support useless to make there Axe wish he never blinked in, ALWAYS use Doom in a team fight even if it would seem like over kill.

Item Build

Im not gona use icons.

Starting Items
We start off with the 2 x [Ring of Protection] to get our base armor off that horrible 0.
The Tangos are Clearly for regen.
We can get the kfc to help out the supports and farm it back Very easily.

Early Game Items
Ok The Next Items can all be bout from the side shop, Get Sage Mask First (making your RoB) Then get Ring of Health and Boots of Speed (boom you have your BoT).
The reason i go for these 2 items first is the awesome synergy they have with Doom, The RoB gives you all the mana regen you need buffs your attack a little and extra armor. The BoT gives Sick Early game regen a usable heal when you get nuked and again extra armor. These items will keep you alive and very much active early to mid game which is all the time you need.

Mid Game Items
During the Mid Game we need to tank up so we can get in fight and leave alive. So we pick up Vangard Taking the items at the side shop first and the sign that its time to start ganking is when you leave your lane for the first time to get the last piece of your Vangard. Use then KFC to build your BKB while you help control the other lanes.

End Game Items
This is where it gets funs. First we need to Up the DOOM with Aganem's to ensure its not taken likely. Next we mix Fire and Ice by Getting Shivas and If the game lasts this long we swap the RoB for a Radi for even more AoE.

Game Play

We can place this build either in a solo Top/Bot(needs quick shop access) lane to allow for a tri-lane/bush or we can just have a normal 2 person lane with a ranged support hero.

In the first 15 to 18 mins we stay in lane just farming up. If a event arise where you can get a kill go for it but dont be greedy you will get fat by just Last Hiting and Devouring, Use Scorched Earth Both For agro and def, but i cant stress this enough DONT DIE if you die it adds 1-2 mins delay on your farming which is just not ok. If facing a 3 man gank just duck in bush behind your tower and use your boots to stay alive till help comes.

Late game your will either be farming idiots who push to far or turning the tide in team battles by taking out key members of the opposite team. The key here is to see who needs to be controlled, it might not be the same hero from fight to fight and might not always be the carry. But a good thing to remember is that no mater who you doom they are now restricted to only using there base attack. The best why to ensure victory is to combine the correct neutral aura with well initiated attacks on the other team. If you are worried that you dont have a blink or a invis dont worry scorched earth with BKB will make sure you get to your target before they or there friend can really think of a way to stop you. And depending how well your team controls the fight you can just nuke prey with lvl death for large chunks of pure damage or to interrupt channeling, and dont underestimate your basic attack especially if your team configuration allows for you to pick up an alpha wolf.

Note: You should be using devor even in the late game it is a hero kill in gold every 2 devors so really its worth the 40 mana you are spending on it.

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