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Doom Reigns: A Guide to Lucifer

June 5, 2014 by Terathiel
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Jungling Doom

DotA2 Hero: Doom

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Scorched Earth

2 4 8 9

Infernal Blade

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


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Lucifer the Doom Bringer is a melee Strength Hero who fulfils a number of roles. He is primarily played as a carry or utility Hero who can jungle effectively from early game. Now that Devour can be used on all creeps from level 1, Lucy is a very good jungler as long as he has enough mana for his spells. Late game, he is a terrifying force, making everyone whose level is a multiplier of 3 very, very scared.

This is my first guide, so I apologise for formatting errors.

Early Game: The Jungle

Doom can play lane or jungle, but I prefer jungle. This allows for a solo top lane for maybe a Dark Seer or another good offlaner. If necessary, you can move up from the jungle to help get ganks.

Whenever you can, level up Devour. This increases your gold, kills the biggest creep, and lowers the mana cost and cooldown. Your next priority is Scorched Earth. This is good because it heals you, and damages enemies. Consider levelling up Scorched Earth instead of your ultimate at level 6 depending on how your game is going.

Now that I've looked over skills, let's look at creep camps and how they affect Doom. Devour will give you all the abilities the eaten creep had, which makes picking your target important come mid game, but early game just eat the biggest creep and right-click the rest to death. A good camp early game is the one with the three different-sized Satyrs - the biggest one gives you 4 HP/ps regen as an aura. Another good camp is the Wildkin - the biggest one gives you 3 armour and the two smaller ones are incredibly weak. In my experience, though, the best camp is the Hill Troll camp with the Summoner and the two smaller trolls. Eat the bigger one and you can summon skeletons to tank the others for you. In addition to this, they should still be alive for your next camp. Getting this camp also lets you hit level 2 and have Scorched Earth for the next camp, which you may or may not need. Doom can take on any camp from level one, as long as Devour is up.

After your first camp, finish off your Ring of Basilius and courier it to you. Then, head to the easy camp and kill them. Hopefully, you will have any camp but the ghosts because Frost Attack is incredibly annoying and slows you down excessively. By the time you've done that, you will be level 2 (or halfway to three if you got lucky with camps) and have Devour off cooldown. Alternate between a large/medium camp and an easy camp, but this time you're rushing Hand of Midas. As this build focuses more on Doom as a hard carry with crazy AoE, Hand is a great item to get you your Radiance/Heart. Aim to have Midas by the 8-minute mark, earlier if you get some ganks at top. After Midas, start building either Radiance or Vanguard. I prefer Radiance due to its flash-farming abilities, but Vanguard is cheaper and builds off of your Stout Shield if you're OCD. It really depends on whether you want to play it safe and tanky or you feel like your team needs more damage. Either way, you're out of the jungle at 15-20 minutes.

One thing to remember: At the start of the game, announce to your allies that you are jungling. This is not only polite but also affects the lanes. If possible, do not be afraid to leave te jungle to gank, especially once you get your ultimate. You *may* lose some GPM, but you are also helping your laning allies and curtailing your enemy's farm, which more than makes up for it. Be careful doing this, though - Doom has basically no combat presence until level 6, and even after that he does basically nothing when your ultimate is off cooldown.

Alternative Early Game: Safelane

I would never put Doom in the hard lane - he's just too slow and vulnerable early on, not to mention extremely farm-reliant as he does nothing without items.

To play Doom safelane, focus on last hitting and staying alive. Put one point into Level? Death, as you won't need to Scorched Earth that often and the extra nuke really helps. In addition, unless you can get it really early - like 5-6 mins early - I wouldn't bother with Midas and would instead build your Ring of Basilius into a Vlad's. Your core is the same, and your endgame is the same - but you will be more active with the team and your farm rate may be a bit slower, depending on your last hitting ability and how contested the lane is. It is also possible, if the lane is pushed to the tower, to go into the jungle and eat the nearest camp rather than just sit on your hands and wait for the wave to come towards you again.

Mid Game: Slice Your Throat

Now you've got a bit of farm, you're ready to go out into the world of the lanes. You have your ulti, and so you have to decide which target you want to silence. Good choices are characters like Weaver, Clinkz or Invoker. Doom has high movement speed thanks to Scorched Earth and Phase Boots, so he can tower dive fairly effectively.

The creep abilities you've stolen will now be an important choice. In md-game, probably the best is the Kobold Foreman aura of +15% movement speed. This gets your speed up to nearly 500 with Phase Boots and Scorched Earth active, which as you expect is kind of terrifying considering you're a 10-foot tall demon lord. Another solid coice is the Alpha Wolf, which not only gives you critical strike but a 30% damage increase aura. If you're teamfighting a lot, you definitely want the wolf. If it's more of a ganker's game, then take the speed aura.

In mid-game, you should be working towards your Radiance and Rod of Atos. The Rod is a great item for Doom, as it gives him a slow and solves his mana problem. If you're facing a team of right-clickers, you will want to replace the Rod with Blade Mail and get it before Radiance.

Radiance is good for Doom due to its synergy with Scorched Earth. With those two, enemies near you take nearly 100 (!) damage a second just from standing near you. With a speed aura, you're a terrifying ganker. With the wolf abilities, you win teamfights. LVL (?) Death is also a good ability, just pick your target. It also microstuns, so it can be used to stop channels and TPs.

Late Game: Doom Reigns

If you've had a good early game and got some kills mid game, you should have a solid item setup. Your next target is the Heart of Tarrasque. Heart makes you extremely tanky and gives you a bunch of Strength as well. Your right-click will be considerable and you should be hard carrying your team now. By this point, you should definitely eat an Alpha Wolf if you haven't already. Alternatively, get an Assault Cuirass which gives you much-needed armour and more effect to your allies.

Your toolkit will be:

-Heavy right-click damage from Heart, Radiance and your critical strike.
-Fast attack speed from Hand - but don't hesitate to sell it if you need the inventory. Replace it with Assault Cuirass late game.
-100 damage per second to enemies near you.
-A +30% damage aura to you and your allies.
-Well over three thousand health with a lot of HP regen.
-A Cripple from your great big Rod.
-And finally, Blade Mail. This is a situational item which you shouldn't get every game, but against some teams it is a very worthwhile investment.

After the Core

After you have all your core finish off your extension - not forgetting the Black King Bar, as you are after all a carry. Fit the BKB in where you see fit - if you are against a team with OD, Shadow Shaman and disables, you'll want it as early as feasible!

When you're getting 6-slotted, you will eventually want to replace Radiance with Satanic as the burn damage becomes obsolete lategame and Satanic's benefits far outweight it (you have 20 less damage, but gain over 450 HP and 5 armour as well as lifesteal). As your last item, upgrade Rod of Atos to the sheepstick for the improved disable. You lose 140 Health out of the bargain but gain 10 Agility and Strength as well as a much better disable. This, however, takes a lot of gold and even with Devour I don't forsee you getting 6-slotted short of a 90 minute game unless you are winning so hard it doesn't matter.

Drum and Mek have a place, as a possibility instead of Vanguard or Radiance. If you don't have a Mek carrier, consider getting it, as it gives armour and adds five to all stats as well as the mek aura. Drums work in a similar way, although they are probably better than Mek. The problem with these two is that Vanguard makes you tankier and Radiance makes you deal more damage. With these two items you will act as more of a utility Doom, and it makes it even longer before you can go on murder sprees through their hapless team.

Ups and Downs

There are about two dozen different Doom builds I've seen, and they all have advantages and disadvantages. So, I'll cover these and in what situations they are appropriate.

Build 1 - Hard Carry Jungle
-Farms very quickly thanks to Midas and Devour
-Can manfight basically anyone
-Excels at 1v1'ing the enemy carries
-You won't carry the team as hard as Spectre or Void
-Quite vulnerable early-game, doesn't come online until 20-25 minutes (but only improves from there)
-Situational pick, usually better to play Weaver or something

Build 3 - Shadow Blade Doom
-Absolutely ******ED ultimate
-Actually has a semi-escape in shadow blade
-Most teamfights will be a 4v5
-Has possibilities for a lot of utility - eg mek, drums, halberd
-Doesn't do much outside the ultimate
-Hard countered by sentries and other detection

Build 4 - Utility Doom
-Ridiculous amount of options - basically ends up with better items than a solo offlane Dark Seer would
-Amazing contribution to teamfights
-Very much a team player
-Reliant on your team
-Does not possess much carrying potential


Doom is far more multifaceted than most carries. As said earlier, there are about two dozen builds, all of which are situational. It very much depends on how you want to play him - whether you want to be an invisible ultimate, a utility teamfighter, a hard carry, a soft carry - Doom can do all of that, depending on what you build. It just takes practice to find what works for you.

That, then, is my guide to Doom. If this one turns out well, I may do one for Invoker or Enigma or something. Hope you learnt something useful here, and good farming.

Updates & Edits

1/4/14: Altered purchase order a little bit to hopefully make it clearer, added the forgotten Black King Bar.

2/4/14: Fixed the purchase order. It should now properly display Starting Items, Early Game, Core, Situational, and Final Inventory.

24/04/14: Added a flowchart to help with purchasing items. Also added some more detail on the jungle.

27/04/14: Removed the flowchart as it wasn't working properly and damned if I could fix it.

11/5/14: Added a 'safelane carry' section.

15/5/14: Updated the '6-slotted' final inventory. Points to anyone who can actually get that much gold in a legitimate game without already winning.

5/6/14: Added two new builds! Also added a positives/negatives section for each build.

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