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June 4, 2015 by WatermelonPenguin
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DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills


1 4 5 7


3 9 12 14

Take Aim

2 8 10 13


6 11 16


15 17 18


Hi! This is apparently the first guide i made, if you like it, please vote for me. I will try to make better guide in the future. Please also comment on what I can improve on my guide. My Dota2 name: KawaiiPenguin. Thanks :)

Kardel Sharpeye, the Sniper

Kardel Sharpeye, the Sniper

Kardel Sharpeye was born deep in the mountainous valleys of Knollen where, since time immemorial, the folk have survived by hunting the strange, cliff-dwelling steepstalkers above their village—killing them from a distance and collecting their carcasses where they fell. Sharpeye was among the best of these strange folk for whom projectile weapons are but another appendage, and to shoot is as natural as to touch.On his day of summoning, when he was to gain full standing in his village, Sharpeye took the ancient test: a single shot from the valley floor to strike a beast down from the cliffs. To miss was to be dishonored. With his entire village standing vigil, Sharpeye took his shot. A steepstalker fell; the crowd cheered. But when the carcass was collected, the village grew silent, for the elders found that the bullet had pierced its glittering central eye then fallen to be clenched in the steepstalker's mandibles. This ominous sign was the literal opening of a dark prophecy, foretelling both greatness and exile for the gunman who made such a shot. Sharpeye the Sniper was thus, by his own skill, condemned to make his way apart from his people—and unwelcome back among them until he has fulfilled the remainder of the prophecy by attaining legendary stature on a field of battle.

Pros And Cons

-Far ranged.[Extensive]
-Assassinate.[Steal Kill Is GOOD]
-Shrapnel can harass.
-Dwarf is so AWESOME.
-Able to take down tower with him intact.[Take Aim]
-Love The Animation.

-It is so damn squishy.
-Look at the damn freakin strength, sucks.
-Run like piggy, wait piggy is faster than him.
-Starting damage not as good.
-See Riki[Permanent Invisibility], Phantom Assassins[Blur], Bounty Hunter[Shadow Thingy] etc. he die liao.
-Cannot close combat.
-How to run, slow like pig.
-Underlevel also die.


Sniper is a carry that can either solo or work with another pusher. Sniper is also kind of squishy so i advice you to upgrade his health to a high level.
Sniper is actually kind of scary especially because of Assassinate and Shrapnel working together or Take Aim and Head shot.
When you use a sniper you must require some techniques
-Do not YOLO. The next thing you know is that you will be feeding.
-Try not to be too thick skinned. As mentioned in front, sniper is squishy so don't risk it.
-When you solo and outnumbered either call for help or run unless you are NaVi_Dendi.
-Make use of snipers attack speed. Even though sniper is slow, its attack speed is god,
when a melee is trying to attack you, a high attack speed with Head Shot and Take Aim will confirm destroy him or make him chicken out.

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