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DonaldFuck's Bounty Hunter Guide

November 28, 2013 by DonaldFucker 88
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Semi-Carry OR Carry

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

3 8 12 17


2 4 7 10

Shadow Walk

1 5 9 14


6 11 16


15 18

DonaldFuck's Bounty Hunter Guide

DonaldFucker 88
November 28, 2013


Hi everyone, this is my 1st guide i've made, pls feel free to comment and give some tips for me. Okay, Lets get started :D

Pros / Cons

+Spells have low cooldowns
+Can cancel some really hurts ultimate or skills with his 1st skill (sand king's ulti, witch doctor's ultimate, etc)
+Can Be Really Fat If Farmed Correctly
+Ultimate Can make your team pretty fat
+Can escape easily
+Badass Looking
+ Laughs like a asthma patient

-Less Mana
-Low strengh
-Can be killed easily when enemy has dust, sentry ( early game )
-Must Farm Well


1st ability/skill Shuriken Toss
ill Shuriken TossI recommend not to max up this skill 1st, because it will make your mana pool dry at early game so u cant escape using Shadow Walk.

Its useful for disable some heroes ultimate because it has a mini stun and will stop some channeling skills.
PS: A Great KillSteal Spell

2nd ability/skill Jinada
This is the skill u need to max up asap, it can deal great damage for harassment or farming in early game, in late game, this skill could be deadly, if u have deso and phase plus a mkb or abyssal blade, i hit with jinada can kill some low hp heroes like (pugna, keeper of the light, skyrath mage, etc) You just invi and sneak behind them then attack, and goes the kill.
PS:A Great Passive for nc when you have vlad

3rd ability/skill Shadow Walk
Now, this is the big deal. this skill is great for either escape or killing, when ganking, you can use this skill and take out those damage output very high heroes like (sand king, lina, lion, sf, etc)
Its also have a bonus damage when u break the invi with normal attack, so when u have deso, phase, mkb, can pretty much take out any soft heroes.

Ultimate ability/skill Track
Many player think that this skill is useless, WRONG! This thing is very good, u can track can kill one hero with your team to get more gold, or when u need to chase down a hero u can track them and gain bonus move speed, plus when fighting heroes like riki, clinz, etc, u can track them and kill them because thier invi is useless now, and when u get the kill or your teammates got it, all get more gold, 60-+ mana to get more gold, easy right? just dont keep the skill, its has a low cooldown and low mana cost, so use it frequently.

Creeping / Jungling

Jungle only after you have boots and VLAD(must)
Dont use shuriken on ncs, useless and cost u a lot of mana, just kill them with jinada, thats why i recommend to max jinada 1st, when u saw a jungle creep with very low hp and u have your jinada ready, use it on the others, so that u wont waste your critical, thats how i farm.

Some would ask: Why dont buy Battle Fury????
ANS: because u spend your damm money just to farm better?! no thanks i rather use the money to buy damage items so that i can kill not farm.


Okay, yes i know this guide is short but i hope it helps, feel free to comment me or give me any tips, ty:D

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