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domination of longtime sniper

March 6, 2015 by Mr.khabbaz
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DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills




1 3 5 7

Take Aim

2 4 8 9


6 11


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domination of longtime sniper

March 6, 2015


sniper is a hard acrry that can be very effective in mid or llate game if used well and get good items.his ultimate has only 12 second cooldown but has devestating range and damage.he is the only hero in the game that can incrase his range you can get 850 range at level 7.the only problem he has is no one cares about his hitpoint he is usually the weakest hero in the game but with well playing and not dying before lvl 6 you can make him a monser that can not be stopped easily.

Pros / Cons

ultimate has long range and high damage with low cooldown
high range
high agility and inteligence gain
effective everywhere
can be countered easy with blink dagger
low heath
low base damage


1-sharpnell:you just need to have it for slow not for damage just get it dont level it
2-headshot:this a a damage producer with a ministun upgrade it first cause you can kill creeps and heroes better max it at 8.
3-take aim:this is what makes you diffrent from other hard carry heroes max it at 9 this makes you no need to heath items
4-assasinate:as you get it everyone in map scares you with 2000/2500/3000 range no one is out of your range


early game:start with two iron braches and two sets of tango and two evelevsin bands then get a boot (powerboots or phase boots are best but i prefer powerboots) after that complete a ring of bassilus.
late game:start with yasha you need more attack speed and movement speed then get a desolator ,that makes you reduce everyone armor and kill tanks and stunners easy.manta style is good after that but i prefer to get shadow blade first

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