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June 9, 2016 by xRiotZx
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Well Duh

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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Mid Game

Purely Situational / Late Game


This build is designed to crush brain-dead pub players with consistency, but this does not mean it will not guarantee a high wlr by playing this way every game, and I can't discourage people enough from carrying every game, because sometimes your team just needs supports and if you're that guy who picks carries when the team obviously already has too many, well, we all hate you.

With that said, this guide will almost guarantee a high KDA every single game and usually that's enough to put your team over the top. I have somewhere around a 60% wlr with this build.

Juggy has his fair share of pros and cons but typically the cons can be remedied with smart play, this can be said for most heroes. I'm not just going to tell you how he's bad, I'm going to tell you how to make him better in situations where he is bad.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

[*] Spin provides ridiculous damage early game and it's a free bkb.

[*] The most abusable ultimate in the game, getting killed by omnislash makes me smash my keyboard.

[*] Healing Wards scales waaaay too good, the cooldown is long, but using it during fights is like giving everybody on your team a heart.

[*] Jugg has a really good built in critical, not the best, but good.

[*] He goes much later than most people thing, pretty much regardless of how you build him.

The Bad

[*] No he's not a hard carry, he does fall off late game (but in pubs does it really matter? I've bested all carry teams well into the late game with this little guy. How well you do in the late game really just comes down to skill boys.)

[*] I L L U S I O N S: so let's say you're kicking some *** in the early game, but you're up against a chaos knight and a naga siren, and a phantom lancer, well, don't pick juggernaught, you will be miserable and if you're not incredibly wise about engagements, you will feed. You don't want your omnislash getting soaked up by chaos knight and his 20 doppelgangers.

[*] Invisible heroes: not nearly as big a pain in the *** as illusion heroes, but they can be pesky until you figure one thing out. Omnislash gets disjointed when you lose vision of your target, this includes blinking and turning invisible, in the case of your enemy turning invisible, well just carry ****ing sentry wards you doof, and place them before you drop that juicy ultimate. Dust is unreliable, since Slark and Riki can purge it, and heroes like Clinkz are so fast that they can run out of omnislash's range before you even react. Gem is better than people in pubs give it credit for, I mean yeah if you die, you drop it, but 900 gold is a discount, if you buy 8 sentry wards, it's the same damn price, well 800 gold, but you get my point, and the gem is permanent and you can carry it everywhere, it's a pretty gangster item against Mirana wombo teams.

[*] Blinks and other disjoints. So you got this Anti-fun free farming your ***, and you want to run in and omnislash him, well as long as you're smart enough not to use it right in middle of enemy creeps you're fine yeah, but anti mage is going to blink, and it's going to disjoint your omnislash, this applies to Queen of Pain, Phantom Lancer, Puck etc, so how do you deal with these piss-ants? Whack them with ya sword dummy, you don't need to omnislash to win these fights, yeah they're probably going to blink out if you're winning either way, so why bother wasting your ulti right?


Don't pick Juggernaught if the odds are stacked against you, but at the same time, don't let a simple Chaos Knight pick or an Anti-mage scare you out of picking Juggernaught, because he's well equipped to handle fights where he is disadvantaged (if you just use your brain.)

Why We Get Aghs

Go in any pub, go read any guide, you'll hear 20 guys yelling "OH MY GOD WHY DID YOU GET AGhANIM's ON JUGG YOU'RE So STUPID GGWP GGWP." Yeah it gets annoying hearing this ******** so often, because it is ********. If you pick Jugg, there are a few simple things you need to know that nobody is going to tell you, and one of them is why aghs is the best item Juggernaught can build.

The cooldown goes from 130/120/110 to 70, it doesn't matter what level it is, the cooldown goes down to 70, why is this so good? Well because 120 seconds is 2 minutes long and 70 seconds is just over a minute. You can cast omnislash twice in the same time it would normally take you to cast it once, that's friggin' huge okay?

The number of slashes goes up by 3 with each level, this is small yes, but if you get aghanim's while your ultimate is level 2 (around the 15 minute mark which is extremely reasonable,) your omnislash basically goes from level 2 to level 3 instantly. Now imagine how good it would be if you could get a level 3 ultimate on any hero at level 11, it'd be pretty damn good wouldn't it?

The sheer damage goes up a ton. Three extra slashes is almost nothing yeah, but when you break it down to damage, that's 225 damage 3 more times, that's an extra 675 damage on top of the current number of slashes you already have. A maxed out Juggernaught ulti is capable of doing 2,700 damage to a single target.

That's 2700 damage before applying buffs like Desolator and Assault Cuirass brosif. If you don't think that's insane, close this guide right now.

So is Aghanim's good? Yeah it's not just good, it's bonkers, and based on its mechanics the earlier you get it, the more beneficial it is, it's like a midas for killing heroes, getting it late is almost a waste.

The last thing about aghs is that you're invulnerable during the casting duration of omnislash, and aghs increases the duration of omnislash by increasing the number of slashes, so basically, you're invulnerable, beating *** up for a longer period of time when you get this item, coupled with the fact that you can cast it twice in 2 minutes instead of once, this takes you out of the fight while still dealing damage for your team, making you a hard man to kill and being an effective mechanism for initiating, I mean you can't be stunned and killed during omnislash, what are they going to do?

Why We Get Desolator and Assault Cuirass

Desolator makes your crits hit harder, it also works during omnislash, meaning more damage per swipe, a **** load more.

Assault Cuirass makes your crits hit hard, it also makes you attack fast, AND it applies negative armor during omnislash, which further increases the damage of your slashes. Another note, Juggernaught makes normal attacks in between his omnislashes, the number of normal attacks is dependent on how fast you attack, and ac makes you attack faster so, it basically buffs your ultimate three times, by increasing your crit damage, your number of normal attacks and the damage of your slashes.

If 2,700 sounded bonkers, do the math on the combined reduction between deso and ac and throw that on top of the 2,700, it probably looks something like 5,000 damage total, which even distributed over 5 enemy heroes, is still 1,000 damage per hero average. It's almost funny how much damage omnislash can do.

Why We Get These Weird Late Game Items

Monkey King Bar, ministuns that do big damage and proc during omnislash AND more attack speed? Yes please. You don't need it for truestrike, it's just good.

Abyssal Blade, stuns that get applied during omnislash, extra hp and now huge damage block and hp regen from the build-in vanguard? Yes please.

Moonshard, attack speed man, that you can eat, this one seems obvious.

Skadi, would you like more armor, and all around better stats? Well, this is your item. I only buy this item to puff up my hp and armor, it helps with mana issues too, but this is NOT a dps item, if you need more damage, don't get this.

Mjolinir, procs lightning during omnislash and makes you hit really fast. Don't underestimate this item. The amount of attack speed it adds is nuts and the damage from lightning is pretty substantial.

Black King Bar, I almost never get BKB on Jugg, you've got spin and omnislash to dodge stuns and disables, but if your team is so bad that you need to carry the bulk of them and you can't be in a fight without getting absolutely dousted in magic damage and disables, you need to get this item and pray you can carry your garbage team.

Manta Style, bonus move speed check, disjoint check, critical hit applies to illusions check, decent agility gain check. A good item, but not a great item if you build desolator and ac, because those items simply don't benefit illusions enough.

Why We Don't Get Battlefury

You're not a f*cking hard carry, so explain to me why you would build an item that has no synergy with any of your abilities and is only used to provide mana regen and cleave for farming creeps?

No. Battlefury does not cleave on slashes, it cleaves on the normal attacks between slashes, which do horrible damage early game because there are so few of them and because they do so little damage unless you proc a crit.

Battlefury is good late game, sure, when your ultimate is maxed as fucc, but by that time it's useless for farming and it doesn't do much for your mana since those issues are already solved.

I have no idea why anyone would build this item on Juggernaught.

How to Actually Apply This Wombo Strategy

1. Get aghs fast - how fast? Well, sometimes I skip phase boots, sometimes I don't, sometimes I get poor man's shield, sometimes I don't. This is purely dependent on the lane. If I get a kill or two in lane and get the cs I need, I can have aghs around 12 minutes or earlier.

2. Don't use omnislash in creeps. Duh.

3. Try not to fight too much in the early game, all you have is spin and you need to save your spins, because they cost a lot of mana. Using spins to get kills is good, using them to avoid dying is bad, while it keeps you from dying, you probably had to use it to survive because you overextended or because your partner is useless.

4. Determine whether or not you actually need a point in healing ward in the early game. And whether or not you need the extra speed/damage from phase boots or the extra armor/damage block from poor man's shield. This will come with experience.

5. Make sure Juggernaught was the right pick... how? Well, is there a hard carry trying to steal your farm? Does the enemy team have an anti-mage, a chaos knight, and a slark, are there no stuns or slows on your team? If you answered any 2 of these yes, you're fighting an uphill battle.

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