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Do it with flare!

February 16, 2013 by IC3Y
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Build 1
Build 2

Range+Melee/Duel Range lane

DotA2 Hero: Clockwerk

Hero Skills

Battery Assault

3 8 9 10

Power Cogs

2 12 13 14

Rocket Flare

1 4 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

Do it with flare!

February 16, 2013



Its a race to 6!
Not really, you do need to farm your core as completing your urn and wand help out with ganking quite a bit. Clock is a great off lane hero but as we all know your not a pro so you play pubs. Imo Clock shines in pubs, his ability to scout, and close the gap are incredible and extreamly important. If your faced with a duel range lane then you'll probably be harassed quite a bit, use your regen and dont be afraid to shoot a rocket off but only if you can last hit and harass the other heros as well. My reasons for my core are simple. Most people in pubs will not grab a bottle as they go to a side lane, thus and urn provides ample regen for a ganker. Wand is core on EVERY hero so please pick one up, finally Power Treads are bought for the HP more than the attack speed. Some people say phase are better but the damage you should be doing is in the cog box.

The more damage you can do in those 5-8 seconds the more kills you have the chance to score. For my core extension i do not opt for an ult-staff any more as the only reason you used to get it was so you could escape my ally-hooking. IMO to increas your damage inside the box blademail imo is the best defensive item as it increases your mana pool, armor, damage, and deals damage back to the target.

Focus manly on ganking early/mid by your self as you can easily score kills with a hookshot > Cogs > Battery > Rocket combo, try to save your rocket only untill you need it if the target is getting away. The most damage should come from your battery ***ult with the second most from your auto attacks.

Clocks skill are very versitle so PRACTICE!!! Late game the items are really up to you, I prefer linkens and an mkb as the damage/stats and regen are excellent for dpsing in the box. Late game is all team play, you should have no trouble initating late game but your not a carry so use team work to take those ricers out.

Remember practice dosen't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

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