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Disruptor-The Supporter

November 22, 2012 by ToFDota2
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Keeping them in the field

DotA2 Hero: Disruptor

Hero Skills

Thunder Strike

1 12 13 14


4 5 9 10

Kinetic Field

2 3 7 8

Static Storm

6 11 16


15 17 18


Disruptor is a great support, and one of my favorite supports to play. He remains a great tool for any team through out the entire game.

Scales well late game unlike other supports
Remains useful at all times even if his farm is ****
Silences enemies for 5 seconds while dealing tons of damage
Counters global presence heroes'
Great initiator

Takes skill to properly play
BKB destroys him completely
Squishy hero

Items and How To Use Them

First of all, as any good support knows, the map should always be warded. Vision is key in any match, and it is your job to ensure your team has vision of key points on the map.

Keep a ward on the Rosh Pit at all times from mid game on. Also if you're on the offensive, get the wards in the enemies jungle, if you're pushing them they'll need to turtle, meaning they will farm the jungle if the lanes are pushed out to far (no one want to over extend) so a well placed ward in the jungle can mean a great smoke gank!

I know it can be hard finding farm, supports should be denying the creeps in their lane and letting the carry get last hits, but you can get Mek relatively quick. Keep getting wards when ever possible, get yourself Boots of Speed, then get the Mek. Don't worry about making the Arcane Boots until you have the mek, it will be more viable in fights then mana will.

Where Will My Farm Come From?

Support heroes shouldn't be getting the farm in lane, only if the carry isn't around. You want to beef up your carry, don't think because you aren't getting the kills you're not a key part of the game. The supports are what wins games, lack of support results in a ****ty, useless, under farmed carry, and that means, a LOSS.

The jungle! During the laning phase you can get the gold you need to support your team properly from stacking and pulling to keep your lane from pushing out to far.

Learn how to stack the jungle, or if you don't want to waste time doing so, learn how to double pull. I won't teach you in my guide, but I'm sure there are videos out there teaching you how to pull/stack jungle and double pulling.

Skills and How to Use Them

Here is what Disruptors skills do, and what to do with them.

Thunder Strike- A lightning ball will appear over the targeted hero. It strikes 3 times dealing 125 damage per strike. What makes it great though is it also affects anything in a 200 unit radius.

Glimpse- Teleports the target hero back to where he was 4 seconds before you used it.
- Glimpse is the ultimate tool to any global heroes. Natures Prohpet, Tinker, Keeper of the Light, basically any hero who tp's around the map can be sent back to his tp spot at anytime. Also, if you're pushing a tower an tp support begins to come, you can tp the first person back, and set up a kinetic field where the rest will be. You eliminate one player while pre-trapping the rest. Of course that would lead into your ulti, and an easy teamfight win granted your team is with you (which they should be)

Kinetic Field- After a short formation time of 1.2 seconds you'll form a circular barrier over the target area. Your allies may freely cross in and out, enemy heroes will not be able to walk in or out of the barrier.
- You creat a circular barrier at a targeted area trapping all enemies in it. Or you can use it to stop enemies from progressing furth if you can block them from running down the path they're going down. Also lasts for 4 seconds, which is amazing time.

Static Storm-Does 270 damage per second for 5 seconds in a 375 unit radius. It also silences all heroes inside of its radius.
- You silence everyone in a 375 unit radius, while dealing 270 damage every second for 5 seconds. You want to kinetic field as many enemies as possible, then static storm into it, and if you have it, veil of discord!

You can easily be the initiator for your team! Kinetic field as many enemies as possible, throw the Static Storm in there, and your team should be around to follow up and finish the job. Make sure to throw a Thunder Strike on anyone inside the field as it will add to the damage.

You Glimpse him, simple.

Glimpse him

This combo will be slightly difficult to time, but ooh soo useful. Say your team is pushing a tower and support starts coming in, try to time the TP's in, remember the more heroes in the area the longer a tp will take. The first person you see GLIMPSE them. That will eliminate 1 hero from the fight completely, a 4v5 is always better than a 5v5. Next KINETIC FIELD as many of the incoming TP'ers as possible. Next STATIC STROM!! If all is done right, the team fight should be cake and the tower should go down.


You're there to support the team, and initiate. Don't try to do more than you need to. Kinetic field is the ultimate tool in your arsenal, be sure to learn how to use it. Glimpse can mean the difference of a kill or an escape, and both the field and glimpse can be the ultimate tool for you to escape danger. Keep in mind you can always start a fight with glimpse in to a kinetic field, your team can benefit greatly from a good glimpse on an enemy hero that can result in a kill, and a 4v5 team fight.

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