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Disruptor Build version 7.00

December 17, 2016 by REN3GADEREX
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Arcane Hero Build Disruptor

DotA2 Hero: Disruptor

Hero Skills

Electromagnetic Repulsion (Innate)

Thunder Strike

1 3 7 9



Kinetic Field

2 5 8 10

Static Storm

6 11


Hero Talents

+150 Static Storm Aoe
-12s Glimpse Cooldown
+0.5s Thunder Strike Slow Duration
+2s Kinetic Field Duration
+1.5s Static Storm Duration
+275 Glimpse Max Damage
+10 Thunder Strike Damage per Strike
-3s Kinetic Field Cooldown

Disruptor Build version 7.00

December 17, 2016

In Game Tips

Build aimed at the sole purpose of increasing Disruptors Arcane Abilities and dealing major damage through his Ultimate and Thunder Strike. It is advised to attack enemies early game with standard attacks and finish them off with the Thunder Strike Ability before they retreat or retaliate. This will almost definitely gain you early game kills and give you an advantage in experience, gold and lane coverage. If done correctly it is possible to maintain an advantage throughout the game. Keep in mind that Disruptor starts with an extremely small mana pool which will deplete after using one or two abilities so use them wisely(do not confront enemies with sufficient health if your mana is depleted). At level 4 it is best to approach unexpecting or destracted enemies and trap them in the Kinetic Field(the field has a formation time of 1.2 sec so plan it properly). Once an enemy is trapped in the field hit them with a Thunder Strike and use basic attacks. As a support it is best to shelter behind other heroes or creeps and letting them absorb the hits. In the later stages Disruptor deals maximum damage by trapping as many enemies as possible, laying down his Ultimate and throwing a Thunder Strike in the centre or onto the weakest enemy. Do NOT attempt to do this alone. This strategy becomes much more powerful after obtaining Aghanim's Scepter. If an enemy is retreating place a field on their past path or location they were a few seconds prior to their current location and activate the Glimpse ability on them to send them back into the field, an orb will appear at the location they are transported back to - plan your next moves wisely while this is happening. After placing down all abilities suitable for the battle it is best to keep back while they cooldown. Get familiar with the Blink Dagger, it is crucial to the disruptor due to its ability to transport in any direction and its reletively quick cooldown - if the holder of the Blink Dagger takes damage it becomes unavailible for 3 seconds so be ready to escape. If during the battle you encounter enemies with the ability to become invisible is is strongly recommended to purchase the GEM of TRUE SIGHT. This allows you to see invisible enemies and traps, allowing you to counter attack or escape. WARNING - if killed the Gem of True Sight drops and will be a loss of 900 gold.

Don't get too confident after the early levels of the match while disruptor is extremely powerful, other enemies will level up and put up a good fight so be ready to flee or fight along-side other heroes.

Good-luck to all Disruptor users!

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