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Disrupting as Support 6.88b

July 16, 2016 by QuasiFandango
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DotA2 Hero: Disruptor

Hero Skills

Electromagnetic Repulsion (Innate)

Thunder Strike

1 12 13 14


2 4 5 7

Kinetic Field

3 8 9 10

Static Storm

6 11 16


15 17 18

Disrupting as Support 6.88b

July 16, 2016

My guide to Disrupting

This is how I've been playing Disruptor in recent games. I am by no means good at Dota, but it's a hell of a lot of fun, and this build seems to be a great way to support my team and grab a win.


Check out the Starting Items listed above. This give you and your team everything you need to be safe at the beginning while babysitting your carry in lane.

Moving on spending some of that gold: wards, wards, wards. This wins games.

Arcane boots are a must as you will need them and of course they are good for the team. Same with Mek, it's a definite.

If you're doing well and have gold to spend (after buying all the wards) and you need more supporting items, jump for Guardian Greaves. They're super rad. Eul's is good too, as you can lift up an enemy and drop them into your Kinetic Field/Static Storm combo as well as protect yourself and your teammates from various enemy abilities.

If you need more damage in team fights, spring for Veil of Discord. It makes you and the team do more damage. Also, HP regen is nice.

If it's near the end of the game and you need a little extra oomph to win, Vyse or Refresher can give that to you. This should rarely happen.


I start with 1 point in Thunder Strike to harass enemies in lane. It's not meant to give you kills, just to push back the enemy and do a little extra damage.

I go for Glimpse next, one of my favorite skills in the game. Send them back in time! It's awesome to secure a kill, or send that enemy who is TPing in back to their base as soon as they land. Make sure your team knows when you'll be using this. If someone is chasing down an enemy and then all the sudden they're gone, it's extremely counter productive.

Kinetic Field is great, but too easy for people to escape. It doesn't last long enough unless it's leveled up, and early points are better spent in Glimpse, and too many people can get through it with movement abilities. This is best used along with Static Storm to hold them in place AND silence them.

Static Storm is wonderful. Just drop it on enemies, preferably in a group, and watch their life tick away. Late in the game it's not as impactful solo, but with combos like Black Hole, Chronosphere, Duel... the silence and damage will mean kill/assists for you and a win for the team.

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