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Disrup Hard Suporte.

April 22, 2016 by xilolo
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Disrup Hard Sup.

DotA2 Hero: Disruptor

Hero Skills

Thunder Strike

1 9 13 14


3 5 8 12

Kinetic Field

2 4 7 10

Static Storm

6 11 16


15 17 18

Disrup Hard Suporte.

April 22, 2016


Hello everyone, first of all i'm brazilian and my english isn´t good, so sorry for grammar mistakes

Since I started play dota, disrup is the hero i most played. And for me that is the better build when only me do suport.

Starter Itens (625g)

The best option for a hard sup
will cost (625g)
-courier (100g)
-tango (125g) - for you and carry in your lane
-clarity(75g) - maybe for you, around level 4 or 5
-wards (275g) - one observer and sentry, if you broke one ward the other time will has to wait to buy another one
-iron (50g) - it is for dont get so weak

Early Game (1715g)

at this part after level 3 you can help gank, and it is important you make assists
you will buy itens that will help in team fights

boots of speed (400g) - will increase your speed
urn of shadows (850g) - that is important to heal friendly
Magic wand (465g) - will restore health and mana


at the early game, you will put and try to break wards.
before level 6, you will hold enemys with the kinetic field, for your carry kill him. If enemy get away, you can teleport him back with glimpse.
basically it. when you get the ult you can gank mid, and other lane

Mid Game

Now disrup will be very important, maybe it's time you will make a difference

Arcane boots (1300g. but you already have "boots of speed" so you will need only energy booster 900g) - restores mana
mekans (2300g, you already heave one iron, so you will need 2250g) - restores health (if you play suport, you have to buy this)


At this time your kinetic field will be very important, you hold and use your ult to silenc and damage enemies, so your team will kill then easily... but you can´t make mistakes
Pay attention to mana and health of your team, always restore then if they need.

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