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Dire KotL Jungling?! [WIP]

April 1, 2013 by Shadowknife392
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Keeper of the Light

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Blinding Light

10 12 13 14

Chakra Magic

2 4 6 8

Spirit Form

9 11 16


15 17 18


This is a work in progress on how to jungle with Keeper of the Light. It will include the pros and cons, how the jungle pattern works and what to watch out for. NOTES:
Works as of 6.77c
Is creep dependent to a degree
Only works on Dire

Jungle Pattern

1. Firstly, before the game begins use the quelling blade to chop down all these trees [Optional: Check the rune when the game starts @ 0:00].
2. When the clock hits 00:29, stand here and charge Illuminate [Optional: Pray you don't get the high priest trolls]. Immediately pop a clarity and stand here.
3. When the creeps back away, move inbetween the easy camp and the hard camp and at 00:52 pull the large camp and then the easy camp and move down to this area.
4. When the creeps move back to their camps, go back to this spot and charge illuminate again.
5. Repeat Step 4. until ~:35 and get ready to stack both camps again. Purchase the Sage Mask as soon as possible. Don't forget to watch your chakra, and spam it as much as you can.
6. Repeat Steps 4-5 until you are level 8. From now on, only purchase the items in full, there ARE others in your team remember :)
7. At level 8, stand here and start Illuminating the hard camp.
8. You can now move around the jungle more as it takes less time to clear camps.
9. Push or Jungle more :D

Item/ Skill build

The two GG branches are for extra int and would be built into Mek
Quelling blade to the trees to pull both hard and easy camps.
Clarity's for Mana regen after using Illuminate
Sage Mask: Provides some more mana regen.
Eul's for extra mana regen and is built from Sage Mask
Mek as it is a great support item and build from the branches
BoTs for pushing out lanes when you decide to push
Force staff for +int as well as better mobility and manipulating enemies (also drains mana when used in conjunction with Mana Drain)

Fairly self-explanatory, you will be clearing the camps with Illuminate so you would max that with Chakra to restore mana after using. Pick up your ulti after if you get in a fight and continue with mana drain, spirit form and stats.

Creeps to watch out for

The Hill Troll Camp: At low levels these guys, the priest in particular, WILL screw you over. Your Illuminate cannot compete with the healing rate of the Priest. If you do encounter them and are low level, you could try clearing the hard camp earlier. At higher levels they are not a problem as you can kill them in one illuminate blast.

Mud Golems: These guys are immune to any damage from your Illuminate. Luckily they are not part of your jungle pattern on Dire, so it is not too worrisome.

Pros and Cons

-You can get respectable farm in the jungle while a carry can get more exp in a solo lane
-Increases your teams GPM overall by using the jungle to get gold.
-So next level your enemies won't even think about warding it.

-KotL can be more effective in lane, by topping up your teammates mana, burning the enemies mana, and piss them off with illuminate.
-Possible to be completely countered by Hill Troll Priest.
-It would be difficult to adapt from a 'normal' build, so if you suddenly have to switch from jungling to laning, bad luck.
-May not work on Radiant.

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