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Different Support Carry Style of Ancient Apparition (Contraversial)

August 10, 2013 by sammycho
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Pusher Semi /Carry Non-Conventional

DotA2 Hero: Ancient Apparition

Hero Skills

Cold Feet

1 3 5 7

Ice Vortex

15 17 18

Chilling Touch

8 10 12 14

Ice Blast

6 11 16


2 4 9 13

Different Support Carry Style of Ancient Apparition (Contraversial)

August 10, 2013


This build is probably going to be flamed because of its out worldly nature, but hear me out and maybe understand the context of this build before you decide to flame it. This build is still purely experimental and is still being developed. This build is open to criticism and it may change in the future, based on reason and evidence.

This is my first guide hope you can appreciate it. It's a very long guide, please understand I've had alot of thoughts put into it.

When To Pick Ancient Apparition

To begin with we must understand when this build is EVEN viable to use, if at all. We must understand why we pick Ancient Apparition in certain team builds.

[*] Don't play this build if you're not familiar with Ancient Apparition to begin with, if your looking for a "normal" guide go somewhere else.
[*] Pick whenever there are heroes that heavily rely on regeneration (i.e. Slark)
[*] Pick when there are squishy heroes (i.e Drow(will expand also why not), sniper, Crystal Maiden, Shadowfiend)
[*] Pick when you have teamfight ability that condenses the team into a small area (i.e. Dark Seer, Magnus, Engima), since you could Ice vortex and Iceblast doing alot of damage.)
[*] Pick if you had some skill shot experience and was successful(i.e. Mirana, Pudge and etc.)

[*] Try not pick when they have Blinkers or teleporters that can kill you whilst you are trying to getting away, since you don't really have any escape mechanism (i.e Queen of Pain, Antimage)
[*] Don't pick this build if there is a need of a PROPER support, pick when there is at least one support
[*] People with silences can be an issue (i.e Drow, Death Prophet, bloodseeker and Silencer, since after the silence you are pretty f**ked, especially with Drows slow)
[*] Don't pick this build if there are alot of tanky Heroes that are fast or huge DPS or both (i.e. Alchemist, Lycan, Abaddon and etc.)
[*] Don't pick if there is an offchance the opposition team has an entire team of BKB users
[*] Don't pick if they have mana drainers (i.e. Antimage and Keeper of the light, especially anitmage)
[*] Nyx Assassin can be a problem.
[*] Don't pick if you team requires a PROPER CARRY

Item Justification and Item Mechanics

The items mentioned above are quite controversial due to its unique nature, however let me clarify why these were picked.

Starting Items
The use of 3 iron branches are used to give extra buffs all around, however more importantly it gives a cheap increase in damage +3, another is the 2 mantles which end up giving +6 damage, adding about +9 damage, which results in about 58(53-63) damage average at level 1. This a big last hitting power, used for harassing heroes, extremely useful in last hitting and denying. To mention since you only have JUST a tango you must play carefully, try not to get hit and try to use tangos when you hit about 60%-70% hp.

Early Game
The treads give a flexible use of survivability and utility, switching to strength when to get away and switching to Intelligence to use the extra mana to pull off an extra ability. The wand is extremely useful for when there is a sudden need of mana and health. The urn is great overall, providing extra mana regeneration, some hp and the ability to heal one self and other team members (you don't always have to be a selfish prick all the time).

Decisive Items
There is a rules to buying these items, it's a "simple" rule:

[*] If a Carry has already bought an item in this category it can NEVER and I mean NEVER be bought, only with the exception of blademail, Rod of Atos and Aghanim's Scepter, meaning only Radiance and Assault Cuirass. WHY? since carries need it more than you and auras don't stack with another of the same item. (Basically if they bought it you can't semi carry using these items)
[*] Try to aim for 2 or 3 of these items, don't pick aghanim if there aren't more than 3 squishies that you know won't scale their health, don't pick Rod of Atos if there are reasonable amounts of slows or stuns.

Now assuming both radiance and assault cuirass hasn't been bought, these are the reasons why to buy such items:

Aghanim's Scepter:
Only rush it when there are lots squishy heroes(roughly 3 or more), this is because the ultimate does alot of damage which can often kill the squishes in the fountains assuming their hp is smaller than or equal to around 1000 hp, at level 3 Ice blast does roughly close to 1000 damage, excluding the shattering effect. There has been times where I've rushed a Aghanim Scepter as first item and gained it at the 31 minute mark (not so special I know) and I've waited for heroes like Crystal maiden to spawn about 5 seconds away and launched the ultimate, just killing her. She was helpless. The poor b**ch. In team fights, it does crazy damage and slark is usually feeding as a result of this item, he's fragile without his regeneration. Furthermore to understand the shattering effect, the effect only rewards the kills from the source of the last hitting damage. For example if a hero was under the effect of iceblast and was losing hp from 15% hp, 14%, 13% and suddenly phantom lancer comes and hits him so it hits the 12% threshold, the kill goes to phantom. However if there was no heroes around to last hit the shattering hero, the kill would go to the Ancient Apparition. So in essence your Iceblast isn't really a KS or as I like to call it "Kill Securing".

Rod Of Atos:
Rushing Rod Of Atos (ROA) is a sure way to set up a disable, ROA then COLD FEET, BAM! STUNNED.

Reason is simple. I wish to attack the hero whilst its getting stunned, because chances are the hero is a) running away and b) needs some damaging. To also understand alot more, Euls is 2700g and ROA is 3100g, which is only a 400g difference, I'm sure you could wait it out abit. Since you've also built up a DPS styled Ancient Apparition its only normal to exploit its effect so get cracking on autoattacking. It's also a mention, that Ancient Apparition is squishy himself and with the extra 325hp boost and the extra 25+ intelligence, adds +25 damage.

OK OK OK OK, if you wanted to just do that, why not just get a scythe of Vsye(SOV)? Its better, it not only slows BUT DISABLES, 150% mana regeneration and +35 intelligence, +35 damage. True, True, but you must also understand it has a significant gold difference for roughly the same thing. A 2575g difference which is quite a hefty amount. As an Ancient Apparition, you shine mostly in the early to mid game, getting a SOV during mid game in Pubs is usually not the case. Plus, you only really want the slow, to set the Cold feet up, why spend the extra gold for nothing. You are afterall a semi carry right?

Radiance simply gives the extra +60 damage not to mention the +50 burn damage, roughly +110 damage. Not to mention you want to push with Ice blast, this synergises with Ancient Apparition pushing ability and damage dealing ability. However note that 6000g is a hefty price but rushing this early (25minute) can allow you to be the DPS of the team.

Assault Cuirass:
Assault Curi*** gives a great attack speed allowing him to pull off the 6 chilling touch attacks in quick succession. Not only that it gives him extra tankiness later onto the game. Remember the main reason for buying this is attack speed and the ability to turn into a tanky item, buying the hyperstone first and finishing the Cuirass later is also an option as you can buy other more needed items. Additionally the armor reduction is a nice bonus.

Why blademail you ask... you're right, why blademail? Think about it, you're doing alot of damage, you have an ok pool of health, you're a prime target for squishy and tanky DPS, sniper, drow and etc. Not to also mention they get damage and you doing alot, I MEAN ALOT of damage to them which I will explain later. Blademail gives you the edge where high dps carries must be wary of you and you'll be free to do alot of damage.

These items CAN be bought but its not recommended for this build since, as you understand this is a killing build, not a support. Understand that Linkens could save you quite a bit from heroes such as nyx Assassin but it's still an iffty thing as you need to get money into carrying and linkens cost alot of gold.

Skill Mechanics

Early Game

From Level 1-5 you should concentrate on harassing and staying safe unless your team comes to gank, otherwise just sit tight till you get your iceblast. Getting stats is a excellent way to increase damage, health and more importantly last hitting power. This allow you to farm away really good.

Mid Game
Once you get into the early mid game of level 6 and beyond, getting iceblast and chilling touch allow you and your team to score kills easily. Your base damage at this point is roughly 77, adding cold feet of 300 damage if done completely and 350 damage of iceblast. Lets not forget to mention the extra 60 damage from chilling touch for 4 hits, equals to about 240 magical damage. Let measure up at level 10:

77 x 4 (assume you hit 3 times) + 300 (assume you land cold feet nicely) + 350 + 240 = 1198dmg
(excluding reductions and the shattering effect)

This amount of damage can be done in quick succession in under 2 seconds:

[*] Chilling touch
[*] Cold Feet
[*] Iceblast
[*] Attack

Late Game
As the game progresses your ability scale less, however your DPS will still be an ever presence in the game. Now that most of your team has maxed out its nukes and ability the Ice vortex can basically act as a veil of discord cut in half (cast 2).

Assuming you bought radiance and assault Cuirass you have alot of damage in your belt:

[*] Base Damage: 100 x 6 (assume you hit 6 times)
[*] Radiance: 110 x 6
[*] Chilling Touch: 80 x 6 = 480
[*] Cold Feet: 300
[*] Ice Blast: 770 (No Aghanim)
[*] Ice Vortex: 25% magic reductions on Cold feet: 75, Chilling Touch: 120, Exclude Shattering and Radiance burn.

600 + 660 + 480 + 300 + 770 + 75 + 120 = 3005 damage
(No magic or physical reductions)


BKB is VERY DANGEROUS TO THIS BUILD, this single item basically counters alot of things:

[*] Base Damage: 100 x 6 (assume you hit 6 times)
[*] Radiance: 60 x 6

600 + 660 = 1260 damage. BEWARE OF THE NIGGA KINGS BAR.

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