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Detailed Guide to Ganker -> Carry/Support Invoker

March 18, 2012 by alvadagansta
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Hero Skills

Mastermind (Innate)


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Detailed Guide to Ganker -> Carry/Support Invoker

March 18, 2012


This guide is based on Quas Exort Invoker way of play, meaning you'll be abusing Cold Snap + Forge Spirit. But everyone should know that Cold Snap + Forge Spirit doesn't deal a lot of damage late game or even in mid game team fights. It's only good for 1v1 or 2v2. So this guide suggests that after you reach quas level 4 and max exort, you should start lvling up wex and start using your other spells as soon as your Wex level is high. This adapts you to late game much better than Cold Snap + Forge Spirit alone.

Item Build Order

Courier + Tangos + Branches

Early Game Core Items
Your choice of Boots + 2 Bracers

Mid Game Core Item
Heart of Tarrasque. With Cold Snap + Forge Spirit combination, you'll be dealing damage like crazy, and you'll be among the first targets in teamfights.

Make your choice, Carry Invoker or Support Invoker for late game:
Carry Invoker
Damage Items + Defense Items
Support Invoker
Aghanim's scepter + Mana regen item (BloodStone or Orchid)

How to play

Starting game
Buy a courier, some tangos, and a bunch of iron branches to start. You have exort instances to last hit and quas instances to heal yourself, theoretically, you don't need anything. Hopefully your allies will let you go mid. Invoker is extremely weak early game, with literally only 1 spell at a time, and will not be able to handle gank attempts on the side lanes.

Level 1 - 6
In my build, i delay invoke until level 4, so i can have better last hit ability early game. If the enemy is aggressive early game, you may have to take the skill invoke early so you can have something to save yourself or fight back (cold snap, ice wall, forge spirit, sunstrike). Remember to always have exort instances active when you don't need to heal, so you can last hit and deny as much as possible. Leave your lane to gank only if your allies want/need you to gank. Because you only have 1 spell to cast, ganking on your own is definitely not an option. When you do gank early, do so with an ally, and use cold snap + normal attack.

During this time, you should be able to finish 2 bracers and some parts of power treads. Why 2 bracers when we have quas for str gain? If you look at the build, you'll see that i abandon quas after it reaches level 4 (i'll explain this later). The 12 str from 2 bracers can go a long way in protecting you from death and intimidating enemies, and it's filthy cheap.

Level 7
Skill invoke lvl2 right away. With this, you have access to Cold Snap + Force Spirit + normal attack (with exort) combination. This is one of the best damage dealing combinations in the whole game. Even if you plan to play support late game, stick with this combination. It's the best way to generate gold for whatever item you need for late game. This is when you start roaming and ganking with allies. With Cold Snap and Force Spirit, several times i've fought 2v1 battles and won. If you roam with allies, there should be no problem adding kills and assists under your belt.
After you finish 2 bracers and power treads, start building a Heart. Your damage output is already very high, what you need now is the ability to stay alive to deal damage for as long as you can.

Level 10 - 13
This time you should have quas lvl4, exort lvl4, and invoke lvl2. This allows you to summon TWO forge spirits at a time. Each Forge Spirit deals 56 damage at lvl 4, and 3 exort instances give you 36 extra damage + your normal damage (which should be around 70) per attack. That gives you 218 damage per attack + 30 cold snap damage. You'll be dealing 250 damage per second easy. This should get you through mid game and well into late game. Keep building your Heart of Tarrasque and keep lvling up exort for more damage for both you and Forge Spirits. You should max out exort by lvl 13

Level 14 - End Game for Carry Invoker
Focus on lvling up wex during this period. You should finish your Heart during this period. Forge Spirits will gradually lose their ability to deal damage, as your enemies start getting tankier, so you need another source of damage. Pick a major damage dealing item (mkb, daedalus, desolator, etc) and start building it. As soon as you complete it, switch to have wex instances active instead of exort instances active. Start using the skill Alacrity to add attack speed to your damage. The 80% IAS from Alacrity and 42% IAS from Wex instances work beautifully with a major damage dealing item, and will make your damage output pretty much godlike. Supper fast normal attack + Cold Snap should be your primary damage dealing combo. You will be your team's primary source of damage, so make sure you build defensive items after your major damage item. I prefer BKB + Satanic for a brief period of invulnerability (not stunnable + massive lifesteal from massive damage). Don't forget to summon your forge spirits, they still work pretty good.

Level 14 - End Game for Support Invoker
Focusing on lvling up Wex during this period. With Wex instances available for use, you can start using other Invoker spells, such as meteor or EMP. You should finish your heart early during this period. Get Aghanim's as fast as possible. After you get Aghanim's, leveling up invoke should be your priority, and then finish wex/quas. Start invoking your other skills (too many to list). During team fights, as soon as the second skill is on cooldown, invoke a new one immediately. If you don't know what to invoke because of the heat of the situation, invoke a random one. All of them are useful in team fights, except for Ghost Walk, which should be used wisely. Don't forget to use your normal attack too, with Exort turned on.

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