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Detailed Guide for a NON Farm dependent Doombringer

January 13, 2013 by tuttle
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DotA2 Hero: Doom

Hero Skills


1 3 9 10

Scorched Earth

2 12 13 14

Infernal Blade

4 5 7 8


6 11 16


15 17 18


Gotta get that doom doom!! Prepare yourself for a game changing unexpected build for the not so popular doom bringer. Currently he (or it) is averaging the 84th choice for you dota players. He is by far the most interesting Dota Hero to me due to his dynamic play. Yes... Dynamic. True you can witness his tournament style build for a quick or semi quick radiance and monstrous Pac Man like farming and jungling but... Unless your other four players are aware of the Super Duper Doom Farmer AND they have chosen heroes that synergize with doom... Your team will be doomed to fail.

Prepare your self. This doom casts spells.

Reasons to choose this build

-Your forced to dual lane without a dedicated support
-Not familiar with team.
-Its a pub match.
-Your team has a semi carry, hard carry and tank already.
-Your team needs more early game potential

Pros and Cons for build

+Solves Mana issues for all stages of game
+Sleeper Build (Enemy Will be Surprised)
+Great for Dual Lanes
+Early Level Death during lane phase with mana to cast is serious!
+No farm needed
+Last but not least this build is great at ALL stages of the game.(Rather than farming for 20-30 minutes than joining team)
+Two dooms can turn an entire game around in team fights.

-No radiance!!
-Not as tanky early to mid game with out Vangaurd.
-Not a good solo lane build so dont build it while solo please unless your crazy like a fox.

Starting Items??

-Yup you see alllll those clarities and think thats weird. Well it is. Until you see LVL 1 scorched earth is like a tango with aoe damage and a movespeed bonus of %16 and it only costs 60 mana. Wow. So Every one full clarity will allow two casts of Scorched Earth approx.
-Get your breakfast meal started right: three Iron branches gives a great bonus to stats: +57hp,+39mp,+3 damage, +3 attack speed, about half a point in armor, and some marginal hp and mp regen. This is a great and healthy start for your day of doomage.
-Ring of Protection is way way way better start IMO than stout.(If side laning)No delay for ring of Basil.
-And one health potion if you get clocked hard in the beginning. If not be sure to give to lane partner if he gets clocked because you have your Scorched Tango for regen.

Starting Game with Devour. "You are who you eat".

Devouring neutral creeps can both be fun and frustrating due to the randomized camps in jungle. And shopping for that perfect aura snack can be costly due to time.
Hopefully you have found yourself laning easy lane(aka farm lane) with another character.
Neutral creeps spawn just as the normal creeps in the side lanes engage for the first time so you have very little time to shop. Try to see who you are up against before you devour as the first creep wave engages.
Radiant shopping guide LVL 1
Position your self between the hard camp and medium camps in radiant jungle before 1st spawn. Be sure not to have sight of camps.
With luck>>>Once neutrals spawn take a quick look for a satyr blue dude for mana burn only if your lane enemies are known to have mana dependent abilities. If your lane enemies have very little need for mana and rely on passive abilities like some melee carries for example try to find ogres in the medium camps and devour the blue one. Then return to lane
or pull depending on situation.

If no luck>>>>>> then devour the biggest creep in hard camp and pull the lane adjacent medium camp so the second creep wave collides with medium creeps. The large creep in a hard camp nearly levels you. And shortly after pull the first neutral that dies gives you the next level. After pull finish of hard camp with scorched earth active. There wont be much left from your first devour.

What?? Why devour those creeps!?

Why not the red satyr that gives you a nice health regen, alpha wolf, big bird or centaur hugedelaysupershortradius war stomper? Well unless you intend to pull for a while, returning to lane after devouring these bad boys will give your creeps amazing god like abilities. Im exaggerating a little, but buffing creeps early will unnecessarily push the lane.

You dont want to push the lane until later on especially if your dual laning!! So be careful.

Returning to lane with:

-Mana Burn-
Mana burn costs a dismal 50 mana to take 100 mana away from enemy and deal 100 damage every cast. This an extremely effective harass tool to make you lane enemies mana pool very low and deal enough damage for just 50 mana. Be sure to check enemies mana pool before cast to ensure there is 100 mana to burn otherwise the spell is kind of a waste.
Hopefully you picked up 3 clarity potions so now you cast this spell many times without worry.

-Frost Armor-
You can gain this skill at level 1 with devour. This is similar to lich's level 4 frost armor but in my opinion is better since it costs ten less mana and last 5 more seconds at level 1 for doom. (Lich cant access this until a minimum of level 7)
By gaining this ability you can protect your allies and become the true support you always wants doom to be. Later on I will discuss its effectiveness.

Honorable mention:

Troll High Priest

Your going to have to be very lucky to get him on the first spawn and it wastes time to check but if your willing to risk time and feel lucky then go for THP. The little heal is nice but the mana regen is downright amazing at a full 2 extra mana regen a second. It is an aura so get back down to lane and share the wealth. This aura is the only one that will not push lane early.

More Cautions for dual laning dooms

I talked a little about pushing the lane too early with auras. But im going to tell a story.
A level one doombringer skips along and chomps down a satyr hellcaler then almost levels. Then returns to lane, gets attacked once or twice after leveling and choosing scorched earth activates it then devours a lane creep while the rest of the enemy creeps get fried. WOW!!! Awesome play right...right. Your not outlaning enemies by doing this your outnoobing.

Three dangerous mistakes are usually made by dual lane dooms.
First: early strong auras are really really op for friendly creeps. (in a bad way)
Second: scorched earth is doing unnecessary aoe damage to enemy creeps.
Third: while dual laning, devouring lane creeps is should have rules. Try to use it as a ranged last hit and not a full health devour.

These three mistakes push the lane too hard. If you think this is ok then please stop reading my guide.

Level 5

Things get interesting at level five. You should have a Ring of Basil, Boots and or magic wand by now. With two levels of LVLDeath your right on the money for damage.
Your enemy lane heroes should also be at level 5 or close to it. When they reach level 5 and you have two levels of lvl death... it is time.

Math time.

Look at a enemy strength hero in your lane. Their health should be near 800 or 900ish.
I will be conservative and say 800 first. LvlDeath will deal 160+175 damage.
900 hp>>>180+175
1000 hp>>>>200+175

Potential damage guesstimate on strength hero: 335 to 375.
Thats a level two single target spell. Very high damage.

Coordinate with lane partner for this time. Both targeting the strength hero. He will surely die. Remember Scorched earth for chase.

Ideal lane partners

This build can lane with anyone even a hard carry to babysit since you can devour support abilities and pull like a champ.

But to best utilize a quick lane win is to team up with a hero that has a nice ranged damage skill or stun to align with you for level 5 focused attack.

The best lane partner in my opinion would be Pugna with at least 2 levels in decertify at level 5 to max LVLdeath damage. (Decripify has a similar cooldown to LVL death) Every 8-10 seconds a LVL death alone could deal 420 to 500+ plus damage. When pairing that with nether blast and scorched earth the damage is insane while under decrepify amp magic damage.

Or if your laning with a invisible able teammate this is also good for a coordinated attack.


Hopefully you won the lane and the enemy is hiding at their tier one tower.
Look at mid and opposite lane for heroes that line up with lvl death bonus damage.
Dont leave your farm lane until you have frost armor or strong aura.

Item Use and Justification

Adds the necessary early game armor while giving damage and mana regen.
Turn off the aura early game until you push the lane. This item contributes to team.

This item is crucial for constant casting from this guy. Your spells are very very important. Most builds don't include mana items for doombringer until mid to late game. Friendly reminder: Doombringer has 4 spells plus his devoured learned spell to cast. This item contributes to allies as well. Key item for double dooming.

Magic wand isnt important for a farming/jungling doom bringer IMO but for a team playing doom being close to the action will build up these charges and will save your cursed hiny.
Couple magic wand and scorched earth while low health for a dramatic turnaround especially early game.

2x Null Talisman- Getting two of these items will give you the cheap boost in max mana to cast more and the double doom comfort zone. Stat changes with two.
+156 mana
+114 health
+12 damage
+.48 mana regen
+6 attack speed
+Almost 1 armor
All for the low price of 980.
If having trouble laning and your courier is available get one before boots since it adds good stats with mana regen.

Are you kidding me?
First: Doombringer synergises like a champ with magic weakness since he has 3 magic damage skills!!! If plan you to skip the null talismans get veil.
Damage increase examples :)
LVL 4 scorched earth 37.5 dps
LVL 4 LVL death (damage bonus) at 1500 hp will be 718.5 damage.
at 2000 hp will be 843 damage
at 2500 hp will be 968.75 damage
LVL 3 DOOM total damage overtime 1,312!
LVL 3 DOOM with Aghanims!!!! 2,200 damage overtime!!!
Lots of damage right.
Veil is also a key building block to having more mana and mana regen for the double doom.
12 int adds 156 mana to your pool as well as .48mps to regen.
Gives you some tanking armor and hp regen.

Buy perseverance after veil/mantles to not make it obvious your going for two dooms. Perserverance with veil will add 11hps. This coupled with scorched earth at lvl 4 will put out 41 health per second and will keep you alive.
What are you going to have enough mana to cast two dooms?
Each doom costs 250 mana while refreshing costs 375 mana. Double doom costs 875 mana!!!
At level 16 your mana pool will only be 600 without items.
Mana boots +250 mana
Veil or 2 mantles +156 mana
Refresher Orb +78 mana
Magic Wand +39 mana
This will total to about 1120 for your max mana pool at lvl 16.
@Lvl 12 2xdoom is still able with about 1000 mana.
And you can quick gain 125 from boots or 240 from a full charge on magic wand.
Your regen will be nice at this point as well so keeping mana up is easy.
Keep in mind you also gain 40 damage but i wouldnt go right clicking way to victory.


Aghanims scepter-
Beefs up stats and adds intense damage to doom skill as well as adding one second to silence. This damage bonus is one of the highest as far as i can see with aghanims with nearly a 60% damage increase. Holy Hot DOG! Pick this up if your team doesn't have much magic damage to synergize with veils. This item also gives more mana than veils but costs 1600 more.


This ability is dual purpose and amazing. Every build I have seen takes this at level one.
Getting strong abilities at lvl 1 from neutral creeps gives you and your team a vareity of options from lvl one roshaning to first blooding depending on what you find in jungle.
Currently there are 14 different abilities that can be plundered with devour. Invoker has 14 abilities with more control and speed over which one he possesses. On the other hand Doom bringer has a total of 18 possible when added with his own abilities and the neutral devoured abilities are full strength at level one.
At lvl 4 devour has the potential of increasing your gpm by 200!!!

Scorched Earth-

Double Dooming

Being able to doom two enemy heroes during team fights is almost a guaranteed teamfight win.
Doom is

Not finished yet

Mid game, late game and item justifications will be next.
I will record a match january 15 of build.

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