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Destroyer of Pub Worlds - Carry Guide

May 10, 2013 by Lukacko
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Core Build

DotA2 Hero: Spirit Breaker

Hero Skills

Charge of Darkness

2 7 13 14


3 5 9 12

Greater Bash

1 4 8 10

Nether Strike

6 11 16


15 17 18

Destroyer of Pub Worlds - Carry Guide

May 10, 2013


This build will focus on being your team leader, initiator, and carry. Spirit Breaker is a carry with great utility, speed, and map presence. Great for ganking, initiating, and team fighting.

At game start he is a quite hearty character who can withstand taking some harassment while laning and getting his last hits. Once he starts leveling his passive he becomes quick as well. Because of this he can move into and out of fights well, keeping the opposition guessing. Shadow blade is amazing because you can take a gamble on initiating ganks you normally wouldn't and if it goes sour you have a great escape and quickness to get away.

As an initiator he will be the first into fights a lot, and will often get focused, because of this I do not reccommend MoM (a primarily ganking item, which will get you killed), and pick up shadow blade for the escape. Shadow Blade can also be used for charging against a character with a stun. If they don't see it coming you can get your stun off first, and follow up with your ult.

His stuns are nice and his hits are hard. Bash works best the higher his attack speed becomes. Attack speed is paramount and every item he gets should include it.

Early Game / Laning

Get Belt of Strength and some Tangos to start and head to safe lane. Belt of Strength will build into Power Treads. You get Bash first so that when you go for initial rune you are dangerous to an enemy going for same rune. You get a bash off (RNG) you will do more damage than them. I often grab an urn early as well because once you start ganking and team fighting you will be taking damage and urn will heal you up and keep you going.

While laning go for last hits. He can take harassment well, and can get last hits pretty easily. Do not initiate until level 6, unless the other team is playing sloppy and you get some hits/bashes on them and get them to half health, follow up with a charge stun, hopefully you and your teammate can clean it up. I feel Bara is kind of weak when fighting other heroes until he gets all his abilities. He becomes king of mid-game, and with the right items, late game as well.

If you initiate early game, your success is based on whether or not you get a bash proc. If you get a couple good bashes you probably get a kill. If you dont get any bashes, pull back and be safe. Let that kill go.

Mid Game / 5 man Dota

Once towers start falling, hopefully you have Power Treads and Armlet, that's when you start inflicting some real pain. Charge at enemies who have lost health. You can really stomp on squishies with a charge and ult. Use Charge to assist teammates who have been initiated on. Use Charge to initiate fights against enemy heroes. Use charge to travel around the map to farm creeps.

When charging at a 5 man fight, charge at the guy furthest you so you stun them all. Then ult the squishiest one or the one you need to focus first. Switch it up! You don't always have to charge first. If you are close enough use your ult first, then swing swing swing and hope for some bashes. Take too much damage, then charge away to a creep across the map. Or charge that enemy for a stun they might not have expected. Charge is better to initiate with but before you get shadow blade its decent as an escape as well.

Once you get your attack speed up the bashes will come often, and if you get a couple good bashes early, its gg for that enemy hero. Bash is what makes you a devastating carry, max it first.

Shadow blade is perfect for Bara. Stats are perfect, attack speed is paramount, remember. Plus for an initiator, the escape will allow you to keep your gold and not feed. You will start fights, and they won't always go well. You will gank someone you think is alone and 3 teammates come out of the woodwork. It's also good paired with charge, you can initiate ganks against heroes with stuns or slows who could stop your charge early and really screw you up. Drow paying attention and hitting you with a slow before you can stun? Just charge invisible, and you get a stronger first hit as well. Probably better than BKB since the stats fit Bara better. BKB is really good also if you are playing a good team with lots of stuns. But more often than not you only need shadow blade.

Late Game

Late game you want a Monkey King Bar. Guess what, more attack speed and lots of damage. Once you have Treads, Shadow Blade, Armlet of Mordiggan, and Monkey King Bar, you are entering hard carry territory. You are doing a lot of damage with a lot of bashes.

Icing on the cake is an Assault Curi*** for guess what, more attack speed. All that attack speed makes Bara a monster.

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